Sort out a problem with your levy invoice

If you have a problem with your levy, talk to us first. Our business team can help with most problems. If you're still unhappy, you can apply for a formal review or make a complaint.

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    If your details are incorrect

    Take a close look at your invoice and check your details are correct. There are a few things that can cause something to be wrong.

    • Your details are incorrect, such as classification unit (CU) or IR filings.
    • You're no longer contracting or operating a business.
    • You've merged or sold your business.
    • You've worked part-time hours.
    • You paid employees in the first week after a workplace injury.
    • Your employees earned above the maximum liable income level from different income sources.

    If any of these have happened, let us know so we can ensure you're paying the correct amount.

    Note: The amount listed on your invoice is for that invoice only and may not reflect your total outstanding balance.

    To check your details and get the most up-to-date balance for your levy invoice, log in to MyACC for Business.

    Log in to MyACC for Business

    Update your business details

    If something's still not right, contact our business team

    We'll look into the problems you have. We'll also explain why we've made changes and how they've affected your levy.

    Call us 

    Phone 0800 222 776 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)
    Phone (overseas) +64 7 859 8675

    Write or email us

    Make sure you include your name, account number, and what you'd like us to look at.

    ACC Business Service Centre 
    PO Box 795 
    Wellington 6140

    Get someone to talk to us on your behalf

    You can give someone access to your levy account so they can talk to us about your levies:

    Give someone access to your levy account

    If you're still not happy after talking to us

    If you've talked to us and you’re still not happy you can:

    Ask for a formal independent review

    If you want to challenge a decision we’ve made, you can apply for a formal independent review.

    Get a decision reviewed

    Make a complaint to us

    If you think we’ve treated you unfairly, you can complain to us.

    Phone 0800 650 222

    You can also download and send us a complaint form:

    ACC709 Complaint form

    Make a complaint to an independent organisation

    If you have a complaint about your privacy, contact:

    Office of the Privacy Commissioner
    Phone 0800 803 909

    Complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner

    If you think we’ve treated you unfairly, contact:

    Office of the Ombudsman
    Phone 0800 802 602

    Complain to the Office of the Ombudsman

    Last published: 14 March 2024