Working under a contract

We work with suppliers under different contracts. Find out if we have a contract for the services you offer, how the contracts work and how to apply.

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    Services we have contracts for

    Health contracts

    Some of the services we have health contracts for include:

    • health services, eg counselling and community nursing
    • social rehabilitation, eg home help and attendant care
    • vocational rehabilitation, eg workplace assessments and stay at work programmes
    • treatment services, eg elective surgery, physiotherapy and high tech imaging.

    View the services we have contracts for in our resource hub:

    Use the 'Subcategory' box to filter by service

    Non-health contracts

    We also have contracts for non-health services. These can include:

    • office supplies
    • mailing systems
    • printing
    • flights and accommodation
    • rental cars
    • taxis
    • security systems.

    Applying for a contract by tender

    We advertise contracts for new suppliers through Government Electronic Tenders Services (GETS). This includes both health and service contracts. The tender information on GETS will include everything you need to know about how to apply.

    Check if a service has an available contract

    You can find all our active and upcoming tenders on the GETS website. To view information about our tenders, you'll need to register on the GETS website. You can also register for the GETS TenderWatch service. This will notify you when new tenders are available.

    Current tenders on GETS
    Register for GETS as a supplier

    The rules we follow when we tender

    We follow New Zealand Government Procurement Rules when we tender for services.

    Government procurement rules

    Getting paid under a contract

    If you haven’t worked with us under a contract before you’ll need to register as a vendor to get paid by us. Learn more about what and how we pay you.

    Paying you for your services

    Invoicing us

    Your contract or service schedule will specify how you'll invoice us. If you’re on a health contract find out how to invoice online and manually:

    How to invoice us

    Your privacy responsibilities

    If you’re working with us under a contract, you have responsibilities when handing our clients’ information:

    Protecting privacy as a supplier or provider

    Different parts of a health contract

    Each health contract includes the standard terms and conditions and a service schedule for each service you provide. Some of our contracts also include operational guidelines.

    Terms and conditions

    There's a set of standard terms and conditions that apply to every health service.

    Health contract terms and conditions

    Service schedules

    Service schedules show the requirements for providing a health service and include: 

    • types of suppliers that can apply
    • required qualifications and experience
    • instructions on how you’ll work with us
    • how to invoice us
    • sub-contracting where applicable.

    Named providers under a health service schedule

    For some services, we need to approve named providers working under a service schedule. If you want to add or remove a provider under your service schedule, email our Health Procurement team:


    Operational guidelines

    We have operational guidelines for some health service schedules. These go into more detail about how you operate under that service schedule.

    Enter 'operational guidelines' into the search bar or in our Resources section.


    Legal obligations under the Children's Act 2014

    Whether you're applying to become a new ACC supplier, or if you're an existing contracted supplier, you’ll be asked to make a declaration stating that you comply with the Children’s Act 2014 for any children’s workers you employ or engage. By making this declaration, you are letting us know that any children's workers you employ or engage have passed a children's worker safety check. These safety checks can be done by you as the employer, or by a third-party provider like CVCheck. 

    Learn more about Children's Worker Safety Checks

    Changes to your business under a health contract

    Complete a Changes to your business for health contractors form if you have a health contract with us and there have been changes to your business. This includes a:

    • change to the legal entity
    • change to legal or trading name
    • change of ownership
    • sale of shares.

    Changes to your business for health contractors (ACC5930)

    If you need to update your contact details, or cancel your contract, email our health procurement team.


    Contact us

    If you work under a health contract

    You can contact our provider relationship team our health procurement team.

    Contact our provider relationship team


    If you work under a non-health contract

    If you have a problem with the day-to-day running of your contract, get in touch with the contract manager listed in your contract.

    Last published: 14 March 2024