Reporting health and safety incidents

If you’re a provider working under contract, you need to report health and safety incidents to us. Find out why, what to report and how to report it.

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    Why you should report health and safety incidents to us

    We all play a part in protecting the health and safety of ourselves and others in the workplace. We’ll use your report to identify areas where we can work together to improve health and safety. This helps to:

    • improve the way we deliver our services
    • make sure you have the information you need to help keep people safe.

    To meet your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 you need to work with us to manage health and safety risks.

    WorkSafe has more information about working with other businesses to improve health and safety:

    WorkSafe - Working with other businesses

    Incidents you should report

    You should report any health and safety incidents that happen while working for us. This can be incidents that affect you, your staff, or our clients.

    Notifiable events

    If you're doing work for us, we need to know about any notifiable events. This includes death and serious illness or injury. WorkSafe has more information about what a notifiable event is.

    Find out more about notifiable events


    We need to know about any threats relating to your work with us. These are:

    • personal threats – against you, your staff, another provider or a member of ACC staff
    • organisational threats – to a place of business such as your practice or ACC sites.

    Other risks

    Report any other risks that could cause harm or you think we need to know about.

    What to do if there's an incident

    1. Keep people safe

      Follow your internal incident management process to keep everyone safe. Report serious threats to the police.
    2. Call us if there is an immediate risk to us, our staff or our clients

      If you’re under a health contract – call the Provider Contact Centre or the recovery team of the client involved.
      Other contracts – call the contract manager named in your contract or our head office. Ask for procurement.

      Contact us
    3. Contact WorkSafe if it is a notifiable event

      If the incident is a notifiable event, you’ll need to keep the site of the event clear and report it to WorkSafe. Follow WorkSafe’s instructions about what to do.

      Report a notifiable event to WorkSafe
    4. Complete the online form

      Even if you’ve already called us, you need to report incidents to us in writing using the online form.
      Online form to report health and safety incidents

    After you’ve made a report to us

    We’ll contact you as soon as possible if there’s something in your online form that needs our urgent attention. We may also follow up with you if we need more information.

    Investigating health and safety incidents

    It's your responsibility to investigate health and safety incidents. If you haven’t investigated at the time of reporting, we may follow up with you to see how it went.

    If you‘re not sure how to investigate an incident, WorkSafe has a template that may help.

    WorkSafe accident investigation template

    Contact us

    Contact us to report an immediate risk, or if you have any questions about the process.

    If you’re under a health contract

    Phone 0800 222 070 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00 pm) 

    Or contact our provider relationship team

    Other contracts

    Phone 04 816 7400 (Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm, ask for procurement)

    Or contact the contract manager named in your contract.

    Last published: 14 March 2024