Supporting your business through health and safety incentives

We offer incentives to help businesses protect their most important assets – their people.

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    We're helping New Zealand businesses create healthier and safer workplaces by: 

    • recognising businesses for good health and safety performance by reducing work levies 
    • investing in evidence-based workplace injury prevention initiatives and tools. We deliver these ourselves or through our partners. 

    Discounted levies for safer workplaces 

    You could reduce your Work levy by preventing injuries at work and helping your injured employees get back to work sooner. 

    If you've paid at least three Work levy invoices, we may add you to the Experience Rating programme based on how much you've paid over that time. This adjusts your Work levy based on historical claims and health and safety performance. Your levy can stay the same, be discounted, or have a loading. 

    Understanding the Experience Rating programme

    Supporting your employee's recovery at work 

    The sooner an injured person gets connected to work, the better it is for their mental and physical recovery. They're more likely to return to their job, helping you and your team get back to business as usual. 

    We have a suite of resources to help you understand your role in recovery at work and start the conversation with your injured team members. 

    Supporting your injured employee to recover at work 

    Incentives to help you make health and safety improvements 

    We know you want to make your workplace safer for your people, but sometimes you need a hand to make improvements. That’s why we’ve put in place some incentives.  

    Workplace injury prevention grants 

    Often New Zealanders have great ideas to improve workplace health and safety and need a hand to fund them. This is where we can help. 

    Workplace injury prevention grants are available for businesses, groups of businesses, unions, or research institutions to help them solve health and safety problems that affect multiple businesses.  

    Workplace injury prevention grants

    Workplace injury prevention subsidies 

    Workplace injury prevention subsidies are available to help small to medium businesses access services and other supports that are known to improve workplace health and safety.   

    Workplace injury prevention subsidies

    Information on work-related claims 

    In 2021 we covered over 280,000 active work-related claims. The cost of these claims was over $923 million. 

    To get more statistics on our claims, use our statistics tool or email us. 

    Statistics on our claims 


    Last reviewed: 21 September 2023