Learn about ProviderHub

ProviderHub will be closed from 5pm, 28th November 2023 so that we can work on creating an even better experience for providers.

What is ProviderHub?

ProviderHub is an online self-service platform replacing some of our existing digital self-service offerings.

It’s built on the latest cloud technology and has controls in place to protect your information and the privacy of our shared clients.

What is happening with ProviderHub?

We’re working on improvements to make ProviderHub an even better experience, including:

  • an improved authentication process to verify a user’s identity
  • the ability to submit invoices and lodge claims
  • enabling organisations to self-manage their users.

ProviderHub closing

ProviderHub will be closed from 5pm, 28th November 2023 so that we can work on these improvements.

What can I use while ProviderHub is closed?

You will need to use your organisation's Practice Management System (PMS), or eBusiness Gateway to search for claims or invoices or submit your remittance advice while ProviderHub is unavailable.

If your organisation uses a PMS (Practice Management System), contact your software vendor to see what ACC transactions are available to you.

To use eBusiness Gateway you need to ensure that you have a Digital Certificate installed on the machine you intend to access eBusiness Gateway from. If you're unsure about this please contact:

Email ACCProviderHub@acc.co.nz

eBusiness Gateway

You can send invoices, claims, and medical certificates to us through your practice management system, the eBusiness Gateway, or our other digital options. 

Learn more about eBusiness Gateway

When will ProviderHub be available again?

Once we have competed the work next year, we'll be in touch to let you know when you'll be able to log back in and access our new and improved services.

Contact our team if you have any questions:

Email ACCProviderHub@acc.co.nz


Last published: 22 November 2023