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Protect what matters most

Family on farm with quad bike
Crush protection device cash back now available for farming families.

Accidental quad bike roll overs continue to cause serious injuries and fatalities on our farms. These fatalities are mums, dads, grandparents and loved ones that had every intention of coming home for dinner that day. If you operate a quad bike on your farm, it’s time to consider installing a crush protection device (CPD) to protect what matters most – you and your whānau.

We're offering
$180 cash back
on the Quadbar, Quadbar flexi and ATV LifeGuard CPDs.

Along with Worksafe and Safer Farms, we strongly recommend installing a crush protection device on all quad bikes. 

So we're offering $180 cash back on the Quadbar, Quadbar flexi and ATV LifeGuard CPDs.

You can redeem the cash back on up to two selected CPDs. 

Eligibility criteria

Businesses with 0 to 99 employees that have the following classification units (CUs) are
eligible for this cash back offer:

  • 1230 - sheep and beef cattle farming
  • 1240 - sheep farming
  • 1250 - beef cattle farming
  • 1300 - dairy cattle farming
  • 1590 - livestock farming (nec)
  • 2200 - hunting and trapping

If you are unsure of your business' CU check MyACC for Business or ask your accountant.

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Where to buy crush protection devices

The selected crush protection devices are available at participating retailers including:

Farm Source
Quadbar NZ
TRAX Equipment

They can also be purchased from other New Zealand retailers that stock them.

All eligible CPD options have their merits and we strongly suggest you review the manufacturers websites before making your purchase. Retailers are familiar with the cash back offer and can assist you with the correct proof of purchase to redeem the offer.

This offer does not include the QuadGuard product from TRAX Equipment.

TRAX LifeGuard saves Andrew Hurst

How to redeem the cash back offer

  1. Purchase an approved crush protection device - Quadbar, Quadbar Flexi, or ATV
    Lifeguard. You can purchase a maximum of two approved crush protection
    devices to receive the cash back offer.
  2. Login to MyACC for Business and upload an itemised receipt of your purchase to redeem your offer.
  3. If you don't have a receipt, include an invoice showing the items and a
    screenshot of your bank or credit card statement showing the transaction.
    If you've provided all the correct information, we'll transfer our cash back
    contribution to your nominated bank account.

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