Keeping you healthy and safe at work

We're helping New Zealand businesses to improve their health and safety performance. Workplaces that are healthy and safe are more productive, save money and improve the quality of life of our communities.

We're taking a new approach to helping New Zealand businesses create healthier and safer workplaces by:

  • recognising businesses for good health and safety performance by reducing work levies
  • investing in evidence-based injury prevention initiatives and tools. We deliver these ourselves or through our partners.

Helping to remove barriers

Many businesses have said that barriers often get in the way of making health and safety improvements. To help reduce the financial barriers, we can help pay for:

  • selected aid equipment for businesses in the healthcare and social assistance industry
  • Construction Safety Council’s Managing Safely training for employees in the construction industry.

Find out more:

Helping to buy aid equipment for your workplace
Helping to pay for workplace safety training

Be part of the conversation

You can help us create affordable and effective solutions that work for you.

Find out more about our new approach, keep up to date with our progress and be part of the conversation.

Our new approach to workplace incentives

Our partners in workplace health and safety

We partner with different organisations to keep New Zealanders healthy and safe at work.

WorkSafe New Zealand

WorkSafe oversees and improves health and safety in New Zealand. We’ve joined them to create the Harm Reduction Action Plan, which shapes how we’ll work together. We've also created the Home Time campaign to encourage everyone to come home healthy and safe at the end of the day.

WorkSafe New Zealand
Home Time campaign
Action plan to reduce harm in workplaces

Health and Safety Association of New Zealand

The Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZ) makes quality advice available for businesses.

We’re helping them create a register of trusted health and safety professionals.


Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum

We’ve joined the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum. The forum is working to improve health and safety leadership in workplaces.

Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum

Get more information on our claims

In 2016 we paid for over 300,000 accident claims. The cost of these claims was over $738 million.  

To get more statistics on our claims, use our statistics tool or email us.

Statistics on our claims


Last reviewed: 29 November 2017