Workplace injury prevention grants

We want to partner with you to create safer workplaces.

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    How injury prevention grants work

    These grants provide funding for organisations to help solve workplace health and safety problems that affect multiple businesses in an industry or supply chain.

    We’ll partner with these organisations to help carry out projects and share the benefits with other businesses. The idea is to create changes that lead to workplace health and safety improvements for many businesses and their staff.

    How much funding is available?

    Organisations can apply for between $50,000 and $500,000 (excluding GST) per year over a maximum of three years.

    We’ll evaluate all applications against assessment criteria and those that best meet the criteria will be considered for a grant. We won’t be able to approve all applications for funding.

    Types of projects we'll help fund 

    There are three funding categories:

    • innovation – eg engineering equipment to reduce the risk of back injury for workers in the construction industry
    • applied research – eg understanding how to develop injury prevention resources for workers with low literacy
    • system capability development – eg designing programmes to coach workers to increase their risk management skills.

    When you can apply

    We’ll run two funding rounds per year, and the first funding round will be open from 28 February to 28 March 2019.

    Who can apply

    Only organisations can apply, not individuals. Organisations need to be a registered legal entity to apply, eg a university, research institute, business or charity. 

    How to apply

    1. Check your project is eligible

      The eligibility criteria:  

      • the project will demonstrate health and safety leadership and collaboration with other partners in your industry or supply chain 
      • the project will create benefits contributing to improved health and safety in New Zealand for multiple workplaces
      • the organisation is applying for an amount between $50,000 and $500,000 (GST exclusive) per year over a maximum of three years. The amount of funding we approve will depend on the scope of the project and the health and safety improvements the project aims to create 
      • the organisation will contribute a minimum of 20% of the total cost of the project in cash and/or in-kind 
      • the organisation is a registered legal entity in New Zealand
      • the organisation operates in New Zealand and the project will be undertaken in New Zealand.
    2. Complete your application

      Organisations must:
      • submit an application outlining the proposed project
      • identify any other organisations who’ll collaborate on the project
      • describe the health and safety benefits the project aims to achieve. 

      We'll provide more detail about this step in February 2019.

    Sign up for updates

    Sign up for updates by emailing us your name, industry and organisation’s name. We’ll keep you updated and send you a reminder when the funding round opens.


    Last published: 9 January 2019