Sort out a problem with a payment

If you’re having problems or you haven’t received a payment from us, find out why and what you can do. You’ll see a reason code on your remittance advice that will give you more detail.

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    How long we’ll take to pay your invoice

    If we haven’t paid you, check when you sent your invoice. You’ll usually get paid after:

    • six working days if you’ve submitted your invoice online
    • twelve working days if you’ve submitted your invoice manually or emailed them.

    Invoices must meet Inland Revenue tax standards

    If your manual invoice doesn’t meet Inland Revenue tax invoice requirements, we can’t accept the invoice. This will cause a hold up of your payment.

    Check the manual invoicing requirements

    Check the reason code on your remittance advice

    You can check your remittance advice to find out why we haven’t paid you. It shows a reason code, eg ‘NOC – no claim found’, and tells you what it means.

    If you’ve invoiced us online, your remittance advice is under the ‘payment advice’ tab. Otherwise we’ll send this to you by post.

    The most common reasons we might not have paid you:

    NAF – no approval found

    We have no prior approval for the service and date of service you're invoicing for. Or you didn't get prior approval for any treatment over the trigger limit.

    What you can do

    Check your purchase order to see what services we approved. If it’s not right, contact the recovery team who agreed on the services.

    If you're a specified treatment provider or hand therapist, you must provide services within you trigger limit. We can't pay for services over those limits without prior approval.

    Request prior approval for further treatment

    NOC - no claim found

    This means either:

    • the ACC45 number you've quoted on your invoice is wrong, or
    • we haven't received an ACC45 claim form for the client's injury you're invoicing us for.

    What you can do

    Check the ACC45 claim form number against the one quoted on your the invoice.

    Make sure you've sent us the ACC45 claim form. If you send these online, check your sent items. You don't need to invoice us again for this service. Once we have the ACC45 and accepted cover for the injury, we’ll automatically make the payment.

    MSD – multiple services same date

    Usually this means you've invoiced us twice for services we've already paid for. Eg, you're a GP who sees the same client twice in one day and you've invoiced us for those two consultations.

    What you can do

    If you see the MSD reason code and you invoiced us online, check your online invoicing records.

    If you invoiced us for two consultations for the same client in one day, you’ll need to send us some evidence. This states why you needed to provide the second service on the same day.

    Declined claims

    We can't pay for services if we’ve declined the claim. As there's no code for declined claims, you'll see a description instead. The most common are:

    No physical injuries

    We can't cover the claim for your patient, as there was no specific physical injury as a result of their accident.

    Not caused by accident

    We can't cover your patient's injury because it wasn’t caused by an accident.

    Not occupational gradual process

    We can't pay for services provided after we've declined a work-related gradual process claim.

    We can pay for services before the declined date. A medical practitioner must have seen the client before you provided services. 

    Injuries we cover
    How we make a decision on a claim

    Accredited employers – Declined: Not ACC claim – refer to Accred Employer

    We don't pay for services that should be for an Accredited Employer.

    What you can do

    Send the Accredited Employer your invoice. The remittance advice will have their contact details.

    Claim held – held for cover decision – ACC investigating

    If we haven’t made decision on whether we cover an injury we’ll hold back payment until we have.

    If we accept cover for the injury, we’ll pay you for services. If we decline the claim, we’ll let your client know.

    Contact us

    If you have any questions, contact us:

    Phone 0800 222 070 (Monday to Friday, 7am - 7pm)

    Last published: 2 February 2021