Providing therapy for sensitive claims

Our integrated service for sensitive claims (ISSC) contract provides therapy to clients that have experienced sexual violence.

If you want to offer therapy, you'll need to apply to become a named provider on an ISSC supplier's contract.

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    Holding the ISSC contract as an organisation

    The ISSC is a closed contract. Make sure you're registered on GETS so that you're notified if the contract opens.

    Current tenders on GETS
    Register for GETS as a supplier

    Who can work on an ISSC contract

    You may be able to become a named provider on an ISSC supplier's contract if you're a:

    • art therapist
    • counsellor
    • psychotherapist
    • psychologist
    • psychiatrist
    • social worker.

    Apply to work on an ISSC contract

    Before you become a named provider on an ISSC contract you need to:

    1. Contact an ISSC supplier

      Talk to the supplier you want to work with about becoming a named provider on their contract. We list our ISSC suppliers and their contact details as therapists on the Find support website.

      Contact an ISSC supplier
    2. Meet our criteria and qualifications

      We have criteria and qualifications you need to meet before you can work as a named provider. This is so we know the therapy you provide is the best for our clients. 

      Criteria and qualifications for sensitive claims therapists – ISSC
    3. The supplier will work with you to complete the application form

      Once you and the supplier agree to work together, they'll ask you for the information they need to complete the application form. They'll need to submit the application on your behalf.
    4. We'll start processing your application

      When we receive your application, we'll verify and evaluate your details. We process applications every six weeks. Your supplier will let you know when we’re likely to process your application.
    5. We'll let your supplier know our decision

      We'll let your supplier know within six weeks if we’ve accepted your application.
    6. Once you're approved as a named provider

      Your supplier will tell you when you can start to provide therapy on their ISSC contract.

    If your details change

    If your details change, contact your supplier or our health procurement team to update them.


    Forms for sensitive claims providers

    You can find all of the forms you need to operate under the ISSC contract in our resource hub:

    Forms for sensitive claims providers

    Contact us

    If you have any questions, get in touch or contact your local Engagement and Performance Manager:

    Phone 0800 222 070

    Contact an engagement and performance manager

    Last reviewed: 15 August 2017