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I'm injured

Kua whara ahau

What to do if you’re injured, types of injuries we cover, different ways we can support you, and getting help with a claim.

What to do if you're injured

Find out what you need to do if you're injured. Your health provider will make a claim on your behalf.

What we cover

Find out what we do and don't cover, treatment we can help pay for and what you need to know if you're travelling overseas or visiting New Zealand.

MyACC - manage your supports online

Manage your supports online. Call us if you want to use MyACC. Clients who need more or support may get an invite to use MyACC.

Get or give independent help with claims

Get someone to talk to us for you, get independent support or give support as an advocate.

Make a complaint

If you have any concerns about a decision ACC has made or the service we’ve provided, you can make a complaint or discuss your concerns with us.