Travelling for treatment and rehabilitation

If you have to travel a long way for your treatment or rehabilitation, we may be able to help. We can organise and contribute towards petrol, buses, taxis, flights and accommodation.  

You can only get help if we cover your injury. 

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    Types of travel costs we can help with

    Depending on the type of travel you need, we can either contribute towards the costs or arrange the travel for you. You may need to get pre-approval first.

    We can help pay for:

    • mileage
    • public transport (bus, train, ferry)
    • taxis, shuttles and car rentals
    • flights
    • accommodation
    • emergency travel
    • travel for a support person.

    Paying travel for a support person

    To visit or travel with an injured person, we may be able to cover your travel costs. You’ll need to get pre-approval first. This is if the injured person:

    • is under 18 years
    • has an injury or medical condition that needs a support person
    • is using transport that asks for a support person
    • needs your support to help their recovery and rehabilitation.

    Using a private car

    If you’re taking your own car or borrowing one, we’ll pay 29 cents per km (GST incl.) towards petrol. You need to travel more than:

    • 20km (one way per trip) in the first 14 days after your injury
    • 80km in a calendar month.

    You’ll need to keep track of how many kilometres you’ve driven so we can refund you. If you share a private car with your support person, we’ll only pay the transport rate for one person.

    Taking public transport

    If you travel by bus, train or ferry, we can pay your fare if you spend more than $46 in a calendar month.

    Make sure you keep all your transport tickets and receipts so you can get a full refund.

    Taking a taxi, shuttle or renting a car

    If you need to travel by taxi, shuttle or hire a rental car you must get pre-approval from us first. We can then refund you if you spend more than $46 in a calendar month.

    We’ll approve this if:

    • it proves to be the best way of getting to your treatment or rehabilitation
    • you can’t use public transport because of your injury.

    If you need more taxi chits, we also may be able to help you. Contact us or your recovery team first to check. 

    Booking a flight

    You need to get pre-approval from us first. We can book and pay for flights if:

    • it proves to be the best way of getting to your treatment or rehabilitation
    • your injury stops you from travelling by car or public transport
    • it’s cheaper than other transport options.

    Booking accommodation

    If you can’t get home after your appointment, we can pay up to $57.55 (GST incl.) a night towards accommodation. You need to get pre-approval first. We don’t pay this if you’re staying at the treatment or rehabilitation centre.

    How many nights we’ll pay for depends on your situation. For example, if you can’t travel for a few days because you’re recovering from treatment. If you're sharing accommodation with your support person, we'll still pay the same rate per night.

    You can book your own accommodation and send us the receipt for us to pay. If you need accommodation booked for you, call us or talk to your recovery team.

    Emergency travel and accommodation

    If you've been invoiced from your local District Health Board (DHB) for emergency service travel or accommodation, get in touch. We may be able to help if it was for an injury we cover.

    Contact us

    Getting pre-approval for travel and accommodation

    If you need to get a taxi, shuttle or rental car, or book flights and accommodation, talk to us first. We’ll need to give pre-approval. Give us as much notice as possible so we have time to arrange your travel.

    We may ask for your medical certificate. This will help us when looking at the best travel options for you. To get pre-approval you can:

    • contact our claims team. Have your claim number ready
    • fill out the ACC253 form and send it to us by email or post, or drop it at your local ACC branch
    • contact your recovery team if you have one.

    ACC253 Request for prior approval – transport and accommodation

    Send us your application

    Applying for a refund for travel costs

    If you’re travelling by private or rental car, taxi, shuttle or public transport, we can refund you for some of these costs.

    1. Download an application form

      ACC250 Request for travel costs
      ACC250 Request for travel costs
      Note: If you're a Mac user, use the PDF version.
    2. Get your form stamped and signed

      You’ll need to ask your treatment or rehabilitation provider to stamp and sign your form each time you have an appointment.
    3. Include your tickets, receipts and bank details

      Include any public transport tickets and payment receipts with your application. We also need your bank account number so we can pay you. This could be a letter or a deposit slip from your bank.
    4. Send us your application

      Send it to us by email or post, or drop it at your local ACC branch.
      Send us your application
    5. We’ll let you know our decision

      We usually take up to 21 days to make a decision about your application. If we accept your application, we’ll pay this into your bank account.

      If we decline your application, we’ll let you know why.

    Applying on someone else’s behalf

    If you want to apply for travel and accommodation on behalf of someone, you’ll need to get their permission:

    Giving someone authority to act on your behalf

    Contact us

    If you have any problems or want to know more about how we can help, talk to your recovery team or contact our claims team:

    Phone 0800 101 996 (Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm)

    Send us your application

    If you live in Northland, Auckland, Waikato or Bay of Plenty:

    ACC Hamilton Hub 
    PO Box 952
    Hamilton 3240

    If you live in Taranaki, Manawatu-Whanganui, Hawke's Bay, Wellington or the South Island:

    ACC Dunedin Hub
    PO Box 408
    Dunedin 9054

    Last published: 25 March 2021