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Provider COVID-19 email updates

Below are the regular provider emails we're sending during the COVID-19 response.

2021 updates

3 December

Includes Ministry of Health guidance on providing services under the COVID-19 Protection Framework. 

21 October

Includes new Ministry of Health guidance on providing face-to-face services in Alert Level 3.

21 September

Includes new Ministry of Health guidance on providing Telehealth and face-to-face services. 

31 August

Includes new Ministry of Health guidance on providing Telehealth and face-to-face services. 

19 August

Includes new Ministry of Health guidance on providing face-to-face services.

17 August

Includes Telehealth and face-to-face services guidance.

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2020 updates

22 October

Includes an update on our client recovery model and weekly claims data.

15 October

Includes healthy relationships campaign launch, updated disc replacement protocol, PO numbers resetting, and more.

8 October

Includes weekly claims data.

1 October

Includes weekly claims data.

24 September

Includes weekly claims data.

17 September

Includes updated PPE guidance, the Awhina app, and weekly claims data.

10 September update

Includes requirements for Urgent Care Clinics, Goodfellow work certification module, and weekly claims data.

3 September update

Includes weekly claims data.

27 August update

Includes treatment limits and weekly claims data.

25 August update

Includes lodging electronic medical certificates at Alert Levels 3 and 4.

20 August update

Includes clarification of treatment limits, and weekly claims data.

18 August update

Includes distribution and supply of PPE, Telehealth at Alert Levels 2 to 4, and housing modifications.

14 August update

Includes Teacher aide and tutor support at Alert Levels 2 to 4, QR code poster requirements, weekly claims data, and a new app to help older New Zealanders.

12 August update

Includes Telehealth treatment limits and support for Christchurch terror victims.

6 August update

Includes our new work certification module, and weekly claims data.

30 July update

Includes new FACS resources, helping us design the future, and weekly claims data.

23 July update

Includes responding to your feedback, submitting clinical notes electronically, weekly claims data, and an additional update on supporting client recovery.

16 July update

Includes our new way of supporting client recovery, Community Services Card co-payment, the evolution of GP Connect, and weekly claims data.

9 July update

Includes sending time-sensitive patient information, and weekly claims data.

2 July update

Includes PSD’s new leadership structure, ACC’s Health Outcome Framework, and weekly claims data.

25 June update

Includes safe listing ACC email addresses, and weekly claims data.

18 June update

Includes ACC's response to climate change, delay in Cost of Treatment Regulations changes, and weekly claims data.

11 June update

Includes DNA allowance, additional Telehealth information, weekly claims data, and upcoming mental health communications.

9 June update

Includes Telehealth at Alert Level 1.

4 June update

Includes ACC’s plans for delivering for providers, and weekly claims data.

28 May update

Includes elective surgery scheduling, new app from the Ministry of Health, and weekly claims data.

21 May update

Includes frequency of provider updates and weekly claims data.

19 May update

Includes using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Alert Level 2, and ACC branches reopening.

14 May update

Includes weekly claims data, medical certification, and housing modifications under Alert Level 2.

12 May update

Includes Alert Level 2 information.

7 May update

Includes the restarting of Vocational Medical Services referrals, and weekly claims data.

5 May update

Includes Telehealth for non-emergency dental consultations.

30 April update

Includes ACC-funded TV programme to support over-65s and an update on claims data.

28 April update

Includes housing modifications at Alert Level 3.

23 April update

Includes Ministry of Health guidance for Alert Level 3.

21 April update

Includes Telehealth extension to osteopaths.

16 April update

Includes vocational medical services, equipment from Accessable, update to DHB PPE contact list.

14 April update

Includes DHB contacts for PPE distribution.

9 April update

Includes auditing update, SureMed trial for transfer of medical notes, and DHB PPE distribution.

8 April update

Includes Telehealth updates for medical case reviews, medical single discipline assessments, and Allied Health.

7 April update

Includes support for providers and information available through ACC's eBusiness Gateway.

6 April update

Includes ordering equipment from Accessable. 

3 April update

Includes online payment processing, Telehealth hearing aid fittings, safe use of Zoom.

2 April update

Includes Telehealth rates for Allied Health providers, extended Telehealth solutions.

1 April update

Includes Urgent Care Clinic contracts, roles regarded as ACC Essential Services in Alert Level 4, a Telehealth update for Allied Health providers.

Note: Table 1 has been updated. Please refer to our essential services webpage for up-to-date information.

ACC essential services during COVID-19 Alert Level 4

31 March update

Includes PPE information

30 March update

Includes Telehealth for community rehabilitation providers.

27 March update

Includes appropriate use of Telehealth, childcare for essential workers.

26 March update

Includes PPE, essential services guidance, Telehealth for GPSIs, physiotherapy specialists and mental health providers, Telehealth services reminders.

25 March update

Includes Vocational Medical Services clinics, further Telehealth extensions, essential considerations in providing Telehealth services.

24 March update

Includes online payments and continued expansion of Telehealth services.

23 March update

Includes further expansion of Telehealth services.

20 March update

Includes expanded Telehealth services, contract volumes, ACC coverage for COVID-19 infections.

19 March update 

Includes PPE supplies, event sponsorship, ACC's business continuity.

18 March update

Includes Government support for businesses.

17 March update

Includes Telehealth services for general practice and ordering medical consumables.

12 March update

Includes planning for yourself and your clients.

Last published: 26 August 2020