How to invoice us

As a registered provider you can invoice us online or manually. Find out what details we need when you submit your invoices. 

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    Make sure you invoice us within 12 months of the service you’ve provided. For treatment injury claims, it’s the date the treatment injury was determined.

    Sending invoices online

    You can submit invoices online and keep track of them using our eBusiness Gateway or your practice management system (PMS). Our online systems are easy to use and you’ll get paid faster than doing it manually.

    Getting set up online

    Schedules, referrals and approval letters

    If you invoice online, you don’t have to send the printed schedule or copies of referral forms and approval letters. We may ask to see them to validate your claims and services provided, so make sure to keep copies of these on file.

    Sending invoices manually

    If you can’t submit your invoices through one of the online services, you can post them to us. They take longer to process and you don’t get paid as quickly.

    All invoices need to meet the Inland Revenue tax invoice requirements and include:

    • the full ACC client name
    • the client’s claim number
    • the words ‘tax invoice’ as a heading (if you’re claiming GST)
    • the name (or trade name) and GST number of the vendor (if applicable)
    • our name, ie ACC
    • the date the invoice was issued
    • the correct service codes (using the wrong ones will hold up your payment)
    • a description of the goods and services supplied
    • the quantity or volume of the goods and services supplied, eg hours of physiotherapy, number of photocopied pages of a report
    • the amount, excluding tax, charged for the supply
    • if you charge an hourly rate, add the time you took to give the service
    • the GST and the total amount payable for the supply. Or a statement that GST has been included in the final price.

    Adding purchase order details to your invoice

    If a recovery team asks for your services, they’ll provide you with a purchase order that covers what services we’ve approved. Make sure you include on your invoice the:

    • purchase order number
    • service code or description you’re invoicing against
    • terms of the purchase order, eg quantity and service dates
    • address on the purchase order request or one of the addresses below.

    Where to post your invoices

    Where you send your invoices depends on where and what services you've provided.

    Where to post your invoices

    Manually billing bulk schedules

    You can use a bulk billing schedule if you provide your services under the Cost of Treatment Regulations. This includes general practitioners (GPs) or physiotherapists.

    Schedules must include your:

    • GST number
    • ACC vendor number
    • provider number.

    Make sure the person providing the treatment or service signs and dates your invoice. Your practice manager can’t sign on your behalf.

    Medical and nurse practitioners

    Fill in the ACC40 Invoice for treatment services. This has space for 10 services for multiple patients.

    Other health providers

    If you work under the Cost or Treatment Regulations fill in the ACC47 Treatment services invoice.  It has space for up to 24 services for a single patient. This excludes GPs and nurses.

    If you're sending more than one ACC47 attach them to an ACC48 Medical fees bulk schedule.

    Ordering manual bulk billing forms

    You can order manual bulk billing forms from the stationery order line:

    Phone 0800 802 444

    How long it takes for us to pay your invoice

    Once we have your invoice, you'll usually receive payment after:

    • six working days for electronic billing
    • twelve working days for manual billing or invoices sent by email.

    Handbook for providers working under the Cost of Treatment Regulations

    We’ve developed a set of expectations and responsibilities to make sure we work together to provide our clients with treatment that helps them to return to work and everyday life as safely and quickly as possible.

    Working together - A handbook for providers working under the Cost of Treatment Regulations

    Contact us

    For electronic billing enquiries, contact the eBusiness team:

    Phone 0800 222 994 (option 1)

    For general billing enquiries, contact:

    Phone 0800 222 070 (Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5pm) 

    Send us your invoices

    Rehabilitation invoices

    ACC Provider Invoicing
    PO Box 31587
    Lower Hutt 5040

    Treatment invoices (if you're north of Taupo)

    ACC Provider Invoicing
    PO Box 90341
    Victoria Street West
    Auckland Mail Centre 1142

    Treatment invoices (if you’re south of Taupo)

    ACC Provider Invoicing
    PO Box 408
    Dunedin 9054

    Last reviewed: 10 May 2019