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Lodging claims

How to lodge, update and manage claims, search for the right read code and about our decision making process.

  • Everything you need know about lodging a claim for your patient. This includes checking the type of claim and the forms you need to provide.

  • Find the right Read code for your patient’s injury to record on their claim. Each Read code has a trigger number telling you how many treatments we’ll pay for.

  • You can use our secure document transfer form on HealthLink to securely send patient notes through your practice management system (PMS).

  • You can fix small errors in a claim form after you've submitted it. You can also change the initial diagnosis or add a new one.

  • In most cases, we approve claims without further information. Sometimes we’ll ask for more information or look at evidence before we make our decision.

  • If you want to use SNOMED enabled software to lodge a claim, your software vendor must register with us to use our APIs.

  • When we accept a claim for cover it means there’s been an identifiable accident causing personal injury. Find out more about how we make cover decisions.