Health and service providers

How to work with us. More about contract options, lodging claims, what we'll pay for, and invoicing. Supporting treatment safety and patient recovery.

Depending on the type of health provider you are, you can only lodge claims for specific types of injuries on behalf of your patient.
Everything you need know about lodging a claim for your patient. This includes checking the type of claim and the forms you need to provide.
Find the right Read code for your patient’s injury to record on their claim. Each Read code has a trigger number telling you how many treatments we’ll pay for.
You can use our secure document transfer form on HealthLink to securely send patient notes through your practice management system (PMS).
You can fix small errors in a claim form after you've submitted it. You can also change the initial diagnosis or add a new one.
In most cases, we approve claims without further information. Sometimes we’ll ask for more information or look at evidence before we make our decision.
If you want to use SNOMED enabled software to lodge a claim, your software vendor must register with us to use our APIs.