Lodging occupational noise induced hearing loss claims

From 1 June 2022, as an audiologist, you are able to lodge claims with ACC for occupational noise induced hearing loss (ONIHL). This will mean patients can receive faster access to treatment and result in cost savings.

Lodging claims

After listening to feedback from the sector, we’ve recognised the need to simplify the process of lodging claims for ONIHL. To do this, we have updated our systems to allow audiologists to lodge ONIHL claims.

In the past, audiologists completed the Audiometric report for hearing loss, the patient would then visit a GP to lodge the claim with ACC, before returning to an audiologist for treatment. The new process will allow you to lodge hearing loss claims directly using an ACC45 form. Patients can access treatment and care up to 30 days faster, and will benefit from saving the cost of a GP consultation

How to lodge an ONIHL claim as an audiologist

To lodge an ONIHL claim, you will need to fill out an ACC45 claim lodgment form. The easiest way to lodge claims with us is by using a practice management system (PMS) or getting set up to use our online systems. You will receive an ACC45 number when you submit your claim. You will receive a claim number soon after.

Get started with lodging a claim

If you don't have a PMS system, you can get set up.

Working with us using our digital services

Supporting documentation

Please wait 24 hours after submitting your ACC45 claim before sending through the ACC612 Audiometric report for hearing loss and ACC724 Hearing loss questionnaire as well as any other supporting documents to the hearing loss team. This will ensure that we can lodge your claim.

ACC612 Audiometric report for hearing loss

ACC724 Hearing loss questionnaire

Send your forms to:

Email dunedin.hearingloss@acc.co.nz

Read codes

The read code for work related hearing loss is F5812 - occupational noise induced hearing loss. 

Further information 

We have more in-depth information about this new process, including lodging ONIHL claims, information required, and invoice and purchase order process.

Understanding occupational noise induced hearing loss claims

You might also like to read a summary document to help you consider whether a patient with occupational noise exposure could be considered to have ONIHL.

ACC8383 Understanding occupational noise induced hearing loss cover

Last published: 30 May 2023