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2021 Cost of Treatment Regulations, Hearing Loss Regulations and Telehealth rate changes

Released 25/03/2021

Cost of Treatment Regulations and Hearing Loss Regulation rate changes

The amount we pay providers to treat client injuries under the Cost of Treatment Regulations (CoTR) and Hearing Loss Regulation is reviewed regularly. A final review and approval of pricing is made by Government. This year Government has approved the following:

  • 2.05% rates increase for regulated treatment payments. This increase will apply to:
    • counsellors
    • dentists
    • medical practitioners
    • nurses
    • nurse practitioners
    • specialists
    • acupuncturists
    • chiropractors
    • occupational therapists
    • osteopaths
    • physiotherapists
    • podiatrists
    • speech therapists.
  • 1.72% rates increase for payments to radiologists and providers of hyperbaric oxygen
  • removing ACC's deductions for dental treatment on teeth that have had previous non-injury related work, meaning full regulated costs will be covered
  • 2.05% rates increase for audiological services under the Hearing Loss Regulations.

Non-contracted Telehealth rate changes

We're also making the following changes to our non-contracted Telehealth rates for providers who bill us under the CoTR:

  • 2.05% rate increase for all existing non-contracted telehealth rates
  • changing non-contracted telehealth payments for specified treatment providers to a single flat fee and an hourly rate that reflect the in-person consult rates
  • introducing telehealth codes for hearing loss service providers.

Steps to take

Providers will need to invoice us at the new rates from 1 May. Services provided on or after 1 May must be billed at the new rates.

The new prices are available on our webpages:

Paying you for your services

Service item codes and rates for Telehealth invoices

For users of a Practice Management System

We have provided the updated pricing to Practice Management System (PMS) vendors. Vendors will update their systems or make these changes available for providers to download. This means providers can bill for services at the new rates once systems are updated.

Providers will need to update their systems before or on 1 May 2021.

For those who don’t use a Practice Management System

Providers can continue to invoice for services in the same way they do now, using the updated pricing from 1 May 2021.

It's important that invoices are correctly billed. All invoices that include services provided on or after 1 May billed at the old rates will be declined and will need to be resubmitted.

Where to get more information

More information is available in the Provider Q&As.

Q&A for Providers - Cost of Treatment Regulations (CoTR) and Hearing Loss Regulations

The regulation changes can also be found on the New Zealand Legislation website here:

If you require further information you can call our Provider Helpline or email us.

Phone 0800 222 070
Email cotr@acc.co.nz

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