HealthSecure user registration form

Use this form to apply for a digital certificate as an individual user.

ACC is acting on behalf of NZHSRA to process digital certificate applications for ACC and the Ministry of Health.

What you need to fill out this form

  • Your organisation’s contact details, including a named, main contact person.
  • The user’s contact details.
  • Provide security question responses for future identification: date of birth, mother’s maiden name and challenge phrase.
  • Check if you have access to a CD drive needed to install the digital certificate (we have a workaround if not).
  • Know which applications/systems you’d like to access eg ACC eBusiness gateway, CareConnect, Special Authority, etc.

When you have all the relevant information, please allow around five minutes to enter it, as the form can’t be saved.

Need help?

If you need help to complete this form, please call NZHSRA (New Zealand Health & Disability Sector Registration Authority). NZHSRA is facilitated by ACC. 

Phone 0800 117 590

Your privacy

When we collect, use and store information, we comply with the Privacy Act 2020 and the Health Information Privacy Code 2020. For more information read our privacy policy.

Our privacy framework

Complete the form below:

Organisation details

Applicant's details for certificate

Security and application access

Certificate security

The following information is required by HealthLink to verify your identity when:

  1. your password is initially issued
  2. you need to suspend, revoke or renew your certificate.

Challenge phrase

For positive identification during telephone calls and similar, we ask you for your ‘challenge phrase’. The challenge phrase is a unique sequence of letters and numbers with no punctuation and a minimum of eight characters.

You should record this for your own records but never disclose it to anyone.

Application access

Please indicate which organisation's application/s you are applying for access to. You can choose more than one.

If you are unsure, call the NZHSRA.

Phone 0800 117 590.

You will need to apply for individual user access directly with the application owner. 

What application/s do you need a digital certificate for?

HealthLink will provide you with a file containing your key and certificate.

Do you have a CD drive to be able to install the digital certificate?

Authorised signatory


This section must be completed by an authorised signatory in your organisation, as supplied in your organisation’s registration with the NZHSRA.