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I'm injured

What to do if you’re injured, types of injuries we cover, different ways we can support you, and getting help with a claim.

If we cover your injury, we can help with aids and equipment. This could be crutches, a wheelchair, hearing aids, glasses or artificial limbs.
If we cover your injury, you may be able to get help around your home. This includes home help and attendant care to help you recover.
If we cover your injury we may be able to help organise and contribute towards transport costs like buses, trains or taxis. This includes help to and from work
If we cover an injury for you or the child you care for, we may be able to help support the child’s care and education.
If you have to travel a long way for your treatment or rehabilitation, we may be able to organise and pay for petrol, buses, taxis, flights and accommodation.
We can help pay for counselling and therapy sessions if you need support after a physical injury. Find a counsellor in your area who can support your needs.