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We consult levy payers on proposed levy rates and other levy related proposals. We consider all feedback received and present our recommendations to the Minister for ACC. Here are the results from the latest levy consultation.

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    2021 levy consultation results

    After considering ACC's recommendations, feedback from the public, and independent advice from MBIE, the Minister for ACC made her final recommendations to Cabinet in November 2021.

    Cabinet has approved the following levy rates.

    Levy type Current 2021/22 levy rate Confirmed rate for 2022/23 Confirmed rate for 2023/24 Confirmed rate for 2024/25
    Average motor vehicle levy rate $113.94 per vehicle




    Earners' levy rate $1.21 per $100 wages




    Average work levy rate $0.67 per $100 of payroll




    ACC consulted on proposed levy rates and other levy related proposals for the 2022/23 to 2024/25 levy period.

    Levy consultation was open from 1 September to 5 October 2021 and we received 1,273 submissions during the period. This included 397 structured submissions providing detailed feedback on individual proposals, and 33 significant, long-form submissions received by email.

    The Funding Policy Statement for ACC, set by the Government, determines how ACC calculates the aggregate, or “average”, levy rates for each of the levied Accounts. This means we cannot recommend a different aggregate rate or funding path to the Minister for ACC. 

    The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE), as lead advisors to the Government on ACC Scheme design, have the role of presenting alternative funding paths to the Minister. ACC reviews all public submissions and reports on the consultation feedback to the Minister and to MBIE.

    Since we last reviewed levies in 2018, the volume and costs of claims made (risk profile) for many groups of businesses and vehicles types has changed. Some of these have shown improvement, while others have been more expensive. 

    Cabinet has agreed to adjust the individual levy rates for businesses and vehicles to reflect the changed risk profiles. This will mean the rates charged to businesses and vehicles may not reflect the change in average levy i.e. some businesses and vehicle types will experience increases in levies and others will receive larger decreases in levies, even though the average levy is going down or not changing.

    New levy rates take effect this year, from:

    • 1 April 2022 for the work and earners’ levies
    • 1 July 2022 for the motor vehicle levy.

    The other levy-related proposals that impact businesses, including changes to the Experience Rating Programme, updates to specific classification units, and updating the rate of Credit Interest were also approved.

    Minister for ACC's levy rate announcement

    Motor Vehicle levy rates from 1 July 2022

    Work Account levy rates from 1 April 2022

    2021 levy rate recommendations

    A summary of ACC’s consultation documents for 2021.

    2021 Shape your ACC levy consultation

    2021 levy rate proposals

    The levy setting process

    2021 Shape your ACC Experience Rating proposals

    2021 Experience Rating proposals

    2021 Shape your ACC Minister for ACC's levy-related proposals

    2021 Minister for ACC's levy-related proposals

    2021 Analysis of submissions

    Previous consultations

    2018 levy consultation

    ACC’s previous consultation was held in late 2018, which set the levy rates for 2019/20 and 2020/21.

    The 2020 levy consultation was cancelled due to COVID-19. Cabinet rolled over the 2020/21 levy rates to apply for the 2021/22 levy year, allowing time to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on the Scheme.

    Results of the 2018 consultation.

    2018 Levy consultation

    2018 Minister for ACC consultation proposals

    2018 ACC proposals for Future Work

    2018 Levy consultation submission analysis

    ACC levies 2019/20 and 2020/21 Cabinet paper

    Minute of Decision for 2019 ACC Regulations Work Account Levies, the Earners' Levies and Experience Rating 

    2018 Combined Work Earners report

    2018 Motor Vehicle Account report


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    Last published: 16 March 2022