Accessing your clients’ levy accounts across our different channels

Released 16/03/2018

We have new criteria for agent and advisor organisations to access their clients’ levy accounts.

Make sure you’re authorised to access your client’s levy information

As an agent or advisor organisation you need to be linked to a client in MyACC for Business before you can access or manage their levy account. This also applies if a representative of your organisation asks for information about a client over the phone or email.

If your organisation is not linked to a client in MyACC for Business, representatives won’t be able to access the client’s levy information.

Why we’ve changed how we authorise

This change aligns the way we authorise access to levy payer accounts with Inland Revenue (IR) criteria. It means that if an organisation is registered as a tax agent or advisor with IR, an application can be made for the same status with us.

Find out more about how to link to your clients and manage their levy accounts through MyACC for Business.

Account access for agents and advisors