Employer claim reports are here

Released 16/04/2019

You can now access Employer Claim Reports (ECR) through MyACC for Business.

ECR is a report that advises employers of work-related claims made by their employees. ECR shows you the costs covered by ACC to support your employees’ recovery. We may still be covering costs to support your employees even after they have returned to work.

ECR helps you:

  • see what your levies contribute to
  • provide support and help for an injured employee
  • plan health and safety initiatives for your business using historical injury data.

Where to find Employer Claim Reports

If you have employees with a work-related ACC claim, you'll see these claims in the ‘Claims reports’ tab on MyACC for Business.

Select the date range for the claims you want to view or download or print.

Manage your work-related claims by recent cost within the last four weeks.

Access to ECR

Because ECR contains information about your employees’ injuries, we let you manage this information in a way that works for your business. Therefore, only the primary user of your MyACC for Business account has initial access to ECR.

The primary user is the person who first set up and registered for MyACC for Business. They have access to invite other users from your organisation.

The primary user can delegate access to ECR to other users as required. You can manage and edit your users’ access type through the ‘Relationships’ tab in MyACC for Business.