Understanding your cover options

Find out what cover options you have as an employer, self-employed or shareholder employee. More about the Accredited Employers Programme (AEP).

  • If you're self-employed you can choose how much of your income you want to cover in case you’re injured and can’t work. The less cover, the lower your levies.

  • Workplace Cover is our standard cover for shareholder-employees. Non-PAYE shareholder-employees can manage their own levies by applying for CoverPlus Extra.

  • Workplace Cover is our standard cover for all employers. It provides cover for your employees' rehabilitation and weekly compensation after an injury.

  • You could reduce your Work levy through the Accredited Employers Programme (AEP). AEP lets you manage employee’s injuries by ‘standing in the shoes’ of ACC.

  • Contact an approved workplace safety auditors to arrange a visit to your workplace. They can audit for the Accredited Employers Programme (AEP) or Fleet Saver.