Register with us as a health provider

If you want to offer your services to our clients you need to register with us first. This includes treatment providers, registered health professionals and locums at a practice. 

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    Who can register as a health provider

    You can register with us if you're a treatment provider or registered health professional under the Accident Compensation Act 2001. This includes:

    • acupuncturist
    • audiologist
    • chiropractor
    • counsellor
    • dentist
    • medical laboratory technologist
    • medical practitioner
    • medical radiation technologist
    • nurse
    • occupational therapist
    • optometrist
    • osteopath
    • podiatrist
    • physiotherapist
    • psychiatrist
    • psychologist
    • psychotherapist
    • social worker
    • speech therapists.

    Register as a health provider

    To register as a health provider you need to:

    • be registered with the appropriate authority, eg your professional body
    • hold a current annual practising certificate from the same authority.

    To register with us, you need to:

    1. Complete our registration form

      To register as a health provider, fill in the ACC24.

      If you're self-employed or setting up a new practice, you'll also need an ACC Vendor ID to enable us to pay you for the service you provide. Complete the ACC111 Register as a vendor form below to obtain this.

      Online forms:
      ACC24 Register as a health provider
      ACC111 Register as a vendor

      Or you use our downloadable paper forms and return them to us once completed:

      ACC24 Application to register as a health provider
      ACC111 Register as a vendor

    2. Include a copy of your annual practising certificate

    3. Choose to be paid hourly or per patient

      If you're one of the below let us know if you'd prefer to be paid hourly or per patient:

      - acupuncturist
      - occupational therapist
      - chiropractor
      - physiotherapist
      - speech-language therapist
      - osteopath
      - podiatrist.
    4. Send us your application

      Send it to us by post, fax or scan and email.

      Send us your application

    Register as a counsellor for mental or physical injuries

    If you want to offer counselling services or therapy to our clients who’ve experienced sexual violence, you can choose to work under an ISSC contract.

    Providing therapy for sensitive claims

    To provide counselling services for mental or physical injuries, you need to have:  

    • at least a level six NZQA or an equivalent qualification  
    • at least one year of full-time supervised work experience since getting your qualification  
    • fortnightly supervision by a supervisor who holds:
      •  a current membership of a counselling-related professional body
      • at least three years’ experience in the area of counselling you're applying for  
    • understanding of Māori cultural awareness and relationships with local Māori Health organisations
    • a current membership of a counselling-related professional body.

     To register with us, you need to:

    1. Complete our registration form

      ACC2466 Application to register as a counsellor
    2. Use the checklist at the end of the form

      This tells you what you need to include with your application. You may need to complete these forms as well:

      Request and consent form for New Zealand Police vetting services 
      ACC2467 Supervisor report for counsellor registration 
      Case study guidelines for counsellor registration
    3. Send us your application

      Send it to us by post, fax or scan and email.

      Send us your application

    Register for a locum number

    If your practice wants to employ or contract a health provider for ad-hoc relief work, you need to get a locum number.

    To get a locum number, your practice needs to meet the following conditions:

    • the health providers using the locum provider number must be employed or contracted by the practice for ad-hoc relief work
    • they must be of the same professional group, eg nurses can't use a locum number allocated to doctors. They need their own locum nurse provider number
    • the number of health providers registered under one locum number must not be more than the equivalent of one full-time employee. This is over the period of one year
    • an individual health provider can’t work under a locum number for longer than three months at a time.

    Forms you need to provide

    When you first register for a locum number, complete the ACC317. If you're registering a new health provider to work under your locum number, they need to complete the ACC5935.

    ACC317 Locum health provider registration
    ACC5935 Locum update

    Send us your forms once you’ve completed them.

    Send us your application

    Confirming your application

    We’ll let you know in writing if your application is accepted and your registration is confirmed. This usually takes two to three working days to process. We’ll contact you if there are any issues or we need more information.

    Vendor and provider numbers

    We’ll assign you a VendorID. This is a unique number we use to:

    • identify you as a provider or supplier
    • track payments
    • monitor the performance of each individual organisation or health provider.

    The Health Practitioner Index

    We support the Health Practitioner Index (HPI), a Ministry of Health initiative that helps identify health providers and holds their information in a central national database for use by the New Zealand health and disability sector.

    The HPI supports the New Zealand health sector by providing easy access to health-related information and promoting the sharing of health information between practitioners and providers.

    The HPI is an identification system that replaces the:

    • ACC provider number with an HPI-CPN
    • ACC vendor number with an HPI organisation number 
    • ACC facility number with an HPI facility number. 

    Getting an HPI-CPN

    The HPI includes practitioners who are registered with a registration agency that has signed a Data Provision Agreement with the Ministry.

    If you're not already using an HPI-CPN number issued by your regulatory authority, we'll register you with one. If this isn’t possible, we'll give you your own ACC provider number. We may contact you to change from an ACC number to an HPI number. 

    Handbook for providers working under the Cost of Treatment Regulations

    We’ve developed a set of expectations and responsibilities to make sure we work together to provide our clients with treatment that helps them to return to work and everyday life as safely and quickly as possible.

    Working together - A handbook for providers working under the Cost of Treatment Regulations

    Contact us

    Send us your application

    By post, fax or scan and email:

    ACC Provider Registrations
    PO Box 30823
    Lower Hutt 5040
    Fax 045605213

    If you need help

    If you have any questions, contact us:

    Phone 0800 222 070 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5pm)

    Last published: 9 April 2020