Health and service providers

How to work with us. More about contract options, lodging claims, what we'll pay for, and invoicing. Supporting treatment safety and patient recovery.

You may need to get prior approval from us before we can fund more treatment for your patient. Find out when you’ll need prior approval and how to get it.
If your patient is ready for the next steps in their recovery, you can refer them to a rehabilitation programme. You’ll need to get pre-approval from us first.
Doctors and nurses will issue a medical certificate if a patient with an injury can’t work. Find out what we need to know and how to help them return to work.
Occupational assessors use work type detail sheets to find the requirements of different work types. They use them to match skills with work types.
We want those who are recovering from accident or injury to have access to the right level of support, at the right time. We’re introducing a range of ways clie