How we support clients throughout their recovery

We want those who are recovering from accident or injury to have access to the right level of support, at the right time. We’re introducing a range of ways clients can access support from us, so we can better meet their individual needs.

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    We’re changing the way we work to better support the recovery needs of our clients

    We spoke to 5,500 New Zealanders to understand how we can improve our client support services.  The feedback we received was that we needed to be more responsive, more transparent and easier to deal with.  We were told that we needed to simplify our processes and provide a more consistent service. 

    We have made changes to the way we work to deliver the improvements asked of us.  What this means is that, depending on their recovery needs, some clients can take control of their recovery— mainly using online tools to manage their claim and order services. Other clients will be supported by either a team or an individual, again dependent on their recovery needs and circumstances.  We will begin rollout of this new model over the coming 12 months.

    Why we are doing this

    Clients have asked us to support them in a way that gives them more choice, while also improving access to knowledgeable recovery team members when needed.

    Providers have asked us to find a way to manage cases that allows easy access to consistent information regarding their patients’ cases.

    What you can expect

    Some of your clients will be matched to a recovery team which means we can be more responsive when you contact us about those clients. Other clients with more complex needs that require 1:1 support will be matched to a dedicated recovery team member to focus on them, their providers, and employer to ensure a successful recovery. Tasks which used to limit our availability for customers will now be managed by a dedicated administration team. That team will specialise in many of the activities that matter to you – referrals, purchase orders, and requests for health records.

    How it works

    The animation below illustrates how clients can access support as they recover.

    When to expect a change

    Some of the timings have been updated to reflect delays caused by COVID-19. Our new way of supporting clients will be rolled out across New Zealand as follows:

    Complete Dunedin, Timaru, Alexandra, Invercargill
    Complete Hamilton, Tauranga, Whakatane, Rotorua, Gisborne, New Plymouth
    Complete Christchurch, Nelson, Greymouth
    Complete Manukau, Newmarket, Whangarei, Albany, Henderson
    Underway - due to be completed in early September 2020 Wellington, Hastings, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Masterton

    More information

    For more information about our new recovery teams, how they’ll support our clients, and why we’re changing, download our quick reference guide.

    Quick reference guide

    For detailed information about what to expect as we implement these changes, and how they’ll impact you, download our questions and answers for providers.

    Questions and answers for providers


    Last published: 4 August 2020