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ACC5345 CoverPlus Extra terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for ACC CoverPlus Extra.
pdf 47 KB | Published February 2018

Changes to self-employed levies

For the 2020 Levy Year, we’re making some changes to how we levy self-employed customers.

Explaining your invoice

If you’ve received an invoice from us and you’re not sure what it all means, check our handy hints below.

Types of cover for self-employed

If you're self-employed you can choose how much of your income you want to cover in case you’re injured and can’t work – the less cover, the lower your levies. Our online CoverPlus Extra application form can be found here.

About MyACC for Business

With MyACC for Business you can update your details, check what you owe and access claims reports anytime.

Get tips for using MyACC for Business

Get help if you have issues with MyACC for Business and get tips for managing your account. There’s also information for agents and advisors. We’ll also let you know if there are new updates from us.

Calculating your levies

Find out how we calculate your levies and what you need to use our calculators.
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