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ACC2458 Dental implant criteria

Criteria that must be met before we consider paying towards the cost
of dental implants.
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ACC2303 Request for more information on dental claim

We send this to dentists when we need more information for an ACC42 claim.
pdf 186 KB | Published August 2019

ACC7672 A guide to ACC and your dental injury

Information about cover and support for dental injuries. Includes a glossary of dental terms.
pdf 404 KB | Published May 2017

ACC4231 Request for prior approval of orthodontic dental treatment

Request prior approval from us for your patient's orthodontic dental treatment
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ACC899 Dental implant assessment treatment plan

Use this form to request prior approval from us to cover the cost of dental implant surgery.
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ACC1345 Request for prior approval of simple dental treatment

Get prior approval from us for your patient's simple dental treatment.
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Injuries we cover

Everyone in New Zealand is covered by ACC if you’ve been injured in an accident – it doesn’t matter who you are or what you were doing when you were injured.

Lodging a claim for a patient

Everything you need know about lodging a claim for your patient. This includes checking the type of claim and the forms you need to provide.

Treatment we can help pay for

We can help pay for a range of medical, health and treatment costs if we cover your injury. You may have to pay for part of your treatment costs. Includes serious injury and disability.

ACC services enabled for Telehealth

You can find information here on ACC services considered essential and/or enabled for Telehealth during the COVID-19 response period.
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