Register for MyACC and generate a pre-employment report

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You can access information about your ACC claims through our online service MyACC.

Once you're registered with MyACC, you can request a pre-employment check report and it'll be directly emailed to your prospective employer or recruitment agent.

If you’re already registered with MyACC, log in and go to the Injuries tab to create the pre-employment check report.

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How to register for MyACC and generate a report

  1. Register for MyACC by completing the web form below.
  2. You'll receive a unique registration code and instructions to help you get set up. You will be asked to update and confirm your personal details and create a password. We require your information to enable you to register for MyACC using the correct details.
  3. Once you're in MyACC click on the Injuries tab. Desktop users will find this directly above your name and mobile phone users will find this under the menu button at the top right of the page. Then scroll down to the bottom of this page.  Tip: watch the video below for instruction.
  4. Click on Create a pre-employment check.
  5. Enter your prospective employer or recruitment agency's email address, tick the confirmation box and then send. Your report will be sent off immediately.

Watch and learn how to generate a pre-employment report in MyACC

This video gives desktop instructions. If you are using a mobile phone to access MyACC, the injuries page is found under the menu button.

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