How we use information to match you to the right support

We use automated matching to make it easier for you to engage with us and get the right support.

Better support from us means a faster recovery for you

We’re changing the way we work so it’s easier for you to get support that’s more tailored to your individual recovery or rehabilitation needs. Better support from us means a faster recovery for you.

When a claim is approved, we automatically match you to the right support for your needs by looking at:  

  • personal and claim information given to us by your health provider, such as details of your injury
  • information about your previous claims, if any
  • patterns of recovery based on looking at other similar claims in the past.

We use this combination of information because together it allows us to accurately match you to the right support.

Why we use automated matching at the start

We use automated matching when your claim is first approved because clients told us they want to get the right support from us more quickly. We developed and tested automated matching for over 18 months and found it’s an effective way to quickly and accurately match you with the right kind of support for your needs.

If you need more support than us paying for treatment:

  • we'll match you to a recovery team, or a single recovery team member will support you
  • you might also use our online service, MyACC, to manage your claim, and personal details, organise payments or other supports.

You’re either matched to a team immediately or, if your claim is more complex, we use automated matching as guidance when matching you manually.

We’re confident that we can match you to the right support. However, at times there could be information we’re not initially aware of that means you need a different kind of support. Here’s how we can correct this:

  • If you’re working with our team, we’ll discuss your needs from the first conversation and throughout your recovery to make sure you’re receiving the right kind of support.
  • If you only use MyACC, you can contact our team at any time if you feel you need more support.

It’s normal for your needs to change as your recovery or rehabilitation progresses. If this happens, so will the type of support you receive. We’ll talk with you first before making any changes.

How we make sure the service is fair

When government agencies such as ACC introduce new ways of using data, it can raise questions about issues such as privacy and fairness. The pathway to recovery can be a stressful time for many, and we’re keen to give you peace of mind about how we make sure your information is treated fairly, in confidence and with respect.

We developed the service using the all-of-government principles set out by Statistics New Zealand and the Privacy Commissioner to make sure it considers ethics, privacy, and human rights. 

Along with information about your injury, we use your personal information to make the match. We only use the information that helps match you to the right support, and we don’t use information if there’s a chance it could lead to bias that could disadvantage a group of people. We always treat your information with respect and care.

When your health provider completes your claim form, it gives us the authority to use your information to manage your claim. Privacy and health acts allow us to use data, where identifying information has been removed, about historic claims to improve our services.

Automated client matching - privacy impact assessment

Our Ethics Panel and independent experts have reviewed automated matching to make sure it's accurate, meets good practice guidelines, and works as intended. We'll review it on an ongoing basis to make sure it continues to meet clients’ needs.

Deloitte report on automated matching

Automated matching only matches clients with the right support, and only makes the initial match. It doesn’t make cover decisions and will never exclude anyone from accessing support.

Last published: 5 December 2019