We’ve made changes to online ACC45 claim submissions

Released 03/10/2023

For online ACC45 claim submissions, we’ve made enhancements to further align gender representations with the current Stats New Zealand Standard. The current ‘Gender Diverse’ category has been updated to read as ‘Another Gender’.  

Clients can request their gender record be updated by directly contacting us by phone, email, or through MyACC. 

In addition, we’ve also made updates to include bilateral indicators and longer name fields for online ACC45 submissions: 

  • Extended the injury side options to include Bilateral, as well as the current Left and Right
  • Doubled the length of the patients first, middle and surname fields to 40, 40, and 50 characters respectively. Note: if the name exceeds the character limit, the name will truncate
  • Made the ‘Admitted to Hospital’ field visible to our frontline teams when previously it was not.  

The above updates are now enabled, available to providers when their Practice Management System vendor adopts this in their software. We will not be updating the paper ACC45 gender representations at this time. 

If you have any questions, email Nathan Bramley, Provider Consumed Services Product Owner. 

Email nathan.bramley@acc.co.nz

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