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What to do if you're injured

Find out what you need to do if you're injured. Your treatment provider will make a claim on your behalf.

Returning to work after an injury

If you’ve been receiving weekly compensation from us, we can help you recover from an injury and get you back to work as soon as possible.

How to invoice us

As a registered provider, you can invoice us for your services online. So we can pay you, find out what details we need when you submit your invoices.

Giving support as an advocate

You can give our clients informal advice on their claim, based on your own experiences or expertise. Find out how to become an advocate.

Make a complaint or sort out a problem with your claim

If you have any concerns about a decision we’ve made or the service we’ve provided, you can make a complaint or discuss your concerns with us.

Travelling for treatment and rehabilitation

If you have to travel a long way for your treatment or rehabilitation, we may be able to organise and pay for petrol, buses, taxis, flights and accommodation.

Help at home after an injury

If you have an injury covered by us, you may be able to get help around your home. This is so you can make a fast and safe return to your everyday activities.

Financial support if you have a permanent injury

If you have a life-long injury that we cover, we may be able to give you financial support as a one-off or an ongoing payment.

Support with childcare and education after an injury

If you or the child you care for have an injury covered by us, we may be able to help support the child’s care and education.

Referring a patient for rehabilitation

If your patient is ready for the next steps in their recovery, you can refer them to a rehabilitation programme. You’ll need to get pre-approval from us first.
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