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Financial support if someone has died from an injury

When someone close to you dies from an injury ACC covers, we may be able to give you financial support.

ACC21 Advice of accidental death

Get financial help from us after an accidental death.
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How your claims history affects your levy invoice

Once your business is three years old, we'll adjust your Work levy based on your claims history. This could be a discount, loading or stay the same.

We support efforts to reduce water-related injuries

Preventable water-related injuries can affect the lives of whānau and communities. ACC supports efforts to prevent people being injured in and around water.

Understanding claims and cover

When ACC accepts a claim for cover it means there’s been an identifiable accident causing personal injury. Find out more about how we make cover decisions.

How we assess claims

ACC uses a system that allows us to identify and fast-track the acceptance of straightforward claims. ACC employees review and assess complex claims.

Verity's story: How just one more wave was almost fatal

After going out for just one more wave, Verity Thom sustained an injury that could have been fatal. She has some important advice to keep surfers safe.

Welcome to Experience Rating

Experience Rating aims to make the levy you pay fairer, by reflecting a business's health and safety performance in its ACC Work levy.

Kavana's Story: Sharing her story of pain to help others

After she received the knock at the door that every family dreads, Kavana Jane wants to help save lives on the road.

Our history

Accident compensation has a long history in New Zealand. The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) began in 1974 and has continued to evolve ever since.
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