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Working under a contract

We work with providers under different contracts. Find out if we have a contract for the services you offer, how the contracts work and how to apply.

Register with us as a health provider

If you want to offer services to our clients you need to register with us first. This includes treatment providers, registered health professionals and locums.

Providing therapy for sensitive claims

If you want to provide therapy for sensitive claims, you'll need to apply to become a named provider on an ISSC supplier's contract.

Getting prior approval for further treatment for allied health providers

You may need to get prior approval from us before we can fund more treatment for your patient. Find out when you’ll need prior approval and how to get it.

Issuing medical certificates and return to work

Doctors and nurses will issue a medical certificate if a patient with an injury can’t work. Find out what we need to know and how to help them return to work.

Lodging a claim for a patient

Everything you need know about lodging a claim for your patient. This includes checking the type of claim and the forms you need to provide.

Using the right Read code

Find the right read code for your patient’s injury to record on their claim. Each read code has a trigger number telling you how many treatments we’ll pay for.

Getting a decision on your patient's claim

In most cases, we approve claims without further information. Sometimes we’ll ask for more information or look at evidence before we make our decision.

Paying for patient treatment

If you’re treating a patient for an injury we cover, we’ll contribute to the cost of treatment. Find out what treatment services we’ll pay for and how much.

Getting set up online

Send invoices, claims and medical certificates to us faster and more securely. You can do this online through your practice management system or using our eBusiness Gateway system.
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