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What to do if you're injured

Find out what you need to do if you're injured in an accident and how a claim is made on your behalf.

  1. Visit your health provider

    This could be your doctor, physiotherapist, local medical centre or emergency department.

  2. Your health provider will make a claim

    They'll make sure to fill out all the right forms and will make a claim to us on your behalf.
  3. Pay for part of your appointment

    If we cover your injury, we'll pay part of your appointment to your health provider. For a standard visit to your doctor, without any other treatment, we'll pay:

    $31.53 if you're 13 years old or over
    $56.07 for children under 13 years old

    If your provider charges more than this, you'll need to pay for the rest. We’ll pay for most of your treatment costs.

    Treatment we can help pay for
  4. We'll confirm if you’re covered

    We'll send you a letter to confirm if we cover your injury. This is usually within a week. If we have your mobile number or email address, you may receive information telling you what's happening with your claim much sooner. If we don't cover your injury, we’ll let you know why.

    Injuries we cover
  5. Find out how we can support you

    If you need ongoing support from us, we'll assign you a case owner. They'll help you get the support you need and sort out any problems.

    Find out what support we provide
  6. Get paid if you can’t work

    If you can't work because of an injury we cover, we can help with your income.

    How to get weekly compensation
Last published: 14 December 2018