Have a hmmm...

If you get hurt, who else gets harmed? It could be the people you care about. Whatever you’re doing, think about how safe you are, so that you can keep doing the things you love, with the people you love.

By having a hmmm you can avoid preventable injuries.

Have a hmmm video transcript

Nearly all injuries are preventable – and predictable

And if we can see it coming, we can stop it happening.

Sometimes you get injured because you're rushing about, or not concentrating. Sometimes it's because you didn't use the right tools for the job.

Sometimes you get hurt after you ignore the voice in your head that said: "Hang on a minute, this doesn't feel right."

What's your attitude to risk?

Take a second to look around – what do you see?

Because if you get injured, the people in your life might be harmed too. An injury – even a minor one – can affect your whānau, your friends, your workmates. All the people who rely on you.

Think about it – who will take your kids to sports practice if you're injured? Who will do the weekly shop? Or walk the dog? Who will take you to the toilet if you can't get there yourself?

Keep doing the things you love. Just ask yourself: If you get hurt, who gets harmed?

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About 'Have a hmmm'

'Have a hmmm' is a constructive wero (challenge) to Aotearoa: Take action to avoid injury and keep yourself, your whānau, friends and community safe and well.

Injury can have life-changing impacts – for those who are injured, their whānau and society. Around 90% of injuries are not random events. They're predictable and therefore preventable. Yet, ACC sees 5,000 injury claims per day. That's around 2 million claims a year.

We're starting by asking New Zealanders to do something easy: take a moment, 'Have a hmmm' and think of others before acting.

About 'Have a hmmm'