'Have a hmmm'

Most injuries are preventable. If you get hurt, who gets harmed? Our injuries affect our friends, family, workmates and team mates too. Stay injury free and keep doing the things you love.

Why 'have a hmmm'?

We are here to help people when they need it but it’s better for everyone if injuries don’t happen in the first place.

The good news is that injuries don’t have to happen. Almost all of them are preventable. We have handy hints and ways for you to 'have a hmmm' and think before acting.

We support
injured people every year

Be aware

In most situations there are just a few things that cause most injuries to happen. Like choosing a trail that is outside your abilities or wearing the wrong gear.

By being aware of the risks, then choosing to do things the right way, you can keep doing the things you love. Like warming up before playing sport or recreational activity.

If you get hurt, who gets harmed?

Ask yourself

  • How would your mates feel if you can’t spend time with them doing the things you love?
  • How would your family feel if they could see you in pain?
  • Would it be easy for your whānau to stop what they’re doing to take care of you?
  • Who would do the jobs you usually do at home or at work?
  • Who would cover you in your sports team?

Think first

You can stop injuries from happening if you think first before doing things around the home, at work, or at play.

See what happens when you 'have a hmmm'
Mother thinking with kids sitting on bunk beds

What’s your attitude to injury related risk?

Nearly all injuries are preventable. Take a quick quiz and learn how to keep yourself safe.

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Friends at waterfall with one having a think about whether to jump