How to apply for the ICPMSK service contract

The Integrated Care Pathways Musculoskeletal (ICPMSK) contract is now open for tender.

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    ICPMSK service contract

    The ICPMSK service contract will have a maximum term of four years. 

    Request for Applications (RFAs) will be issued at set times throughout the term of the contract. See below for the 2024 anticipated dates.

    For complete details of the service, please review the service schedule and operational guidelines.

    ICPMSK service schedule 

    ICPMSK operational guidelines

    Applying for the contract

    All applicants must apply through the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS).

    All applications for the new ICPMSK service contract will go through the same application process. There will be a fair and transparent tender process for this contract.

    The full details of how to apply for the contract will be available in the RFA document on GETS during each RFA round.

    ​Application process

    The application process includes a one stage, two step process.

    Step one

    Complete the RFA on GETS when available.  This is a written submission where you must complete the response form and provide evidence where requested. All applications will be evaluated by an evaluation panel. To advance to Step two you must achieve a pass or conditional pass in Step one.

    All questions specific to your application in Step one must be raised via GETS. All answers to your questions will be published on GETS and will be publicly available.

    Step two

    Complete an online interview with the evaluation panel. To be recommended for a contract by the panel you must achieve either a Pass or a Conditional Pass. A Conditional Pass will result in conditions on your contract.

    2024 anticipated dates


    RFA open date

    RFA close date

    Approx service start date

    Round 2

    15 January 2024

    9 February 2024

    29 April 2024

    Round 3

    10 February 2024

    31 May 2024

    16 September 2024

    Round 4

    1 June 2024

    9 August 2024

    11 November 2024

    Round 5

    10 Aug 2024


    2025 TBC

    Who can apply

    Through ICPMSK, our patients, at a minimum, must have access to:

    • physical rehabilitation
    • vocational rehabilitation
    • surgical services
    • ICP navigation services.

    If clinically appropriate, patients could also access: 

    • pain management services
    • psychology services
    • other medical specialists (e.g., sports physician, musculoskeletal medicine, GP with special interests).

    If you provide any of these services, then ICPMSK may be for you.

    Our intention is to enable providers who meet our requirements to be part of ICPMSK services for eligible patients. 

    Suppliers don't need to setup or be part of a national service. We want to enable local health professionals to partner with their local colleagues to meet the needs of their local communities. ​

    Further support

    Informational webinars

    The following webinars may help potential suppliers and providers understand if ICPMSK is right for them. The series includes an overview of the service, followed by more in-depth details of the service as outlined below.

    Webinar 1 - overview of ICPMSK

    Held on Thursday 27 July 2023

    Watch webinar 1 on YouTube

    Webinar 1 questions and answers

    Webinar 2 - service specifications  

    Held on Thursday 3 August 2023

    Watch webinar 2 on YouTube

    Webinar 2 questions and answers

    Webinar 3 - contract operations, new ways of working

    Held on Thursday 10 August 2023

    Watch webinar 3 on YouTube

    Webinar 3 questions and answers

    Webinar 4 - performance monitoring and tender process

    Held on Thursday 24 August 2023

    Watch webinar 4 on YouTube

    Webinar 4 questions and answers

    Developing ICPMSK

    ICPMSK estimated surgical volumes

    Trust arrangement information sheet

    Submitting a tender support

    For help on GETS, the website has useful information under the Supplier User Help section.

    GETS help

    For guidance on submitting a tender MBIE has information available.

    Submitting a tender - MBIE

    For business support there are many agencies, such as below, that provide guidance, advice, and tools to set up and run your business.

    Connected government


    Commerce Commission

    Inland Revenue

    Te Puni Kōkiri

    More information

    The ICPMSK web pages contain the most up to date information available. To be alerted for any new updates, subscribe to our provider email updates.

    Subscribe to provider updates

    If you have any further queries, get in touch.


    Last published: 1 March 2024