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ProviderHub is a new online self-service platform. It will replace our existing self-service digital offerings, including e-Business Gateway and e-Lodgement. You’ll be able to use ProviderHub to lodge claims, invoice us, look up claim information, request treatment extensions – and more.

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    ProviderHub: A new way of working

    ProviderHub will make things simpler. It will be easy to use and allows you to access most online services in one place. It’s built on the latest cloud technology and has controls in place to protect your information and the privacy of our shared clients.

    We’re making this change because the current technology is outdated and the platforms supporting these services need to be replaced.

    ProviderHub includes more of the functions you've been asking for, making the experience of working with us easier.

    The animation below illustrates a new way of working with ProviderHub. 

    Video transcript introducing our new ProviderHub

    What services will be available?

     Service Currently accessed via 
    Claims submission (ACC45)  eLodgement portal
    Claim queries  eBusiness Gateway 
    Invoice submission eBusiness Gateway 
    Invoice queries  eBusiness Gateway 
    Treatment extension requests (ACC32)  ACC online forms
    Sensitive claim engagement form submission   ACC website
    Medical certificate (ACC18) submission New to ACC digital self-service
    Change of diagnosis submission   New to ACC digital self-service

    Not all services are available from day one and will be added over time. We’ll keep you posted when we add more functionality and forms.

    Existing platforms, including eBusiness Gateway, will be turned off once all new forms are in ProviderHub and all businesses have been invited to register to use it.

    Additional features

    ProviderHub will offer a number of great features to make working with us easier, including:

    • more online services available in one place
    • individual logins with identity verification
    • the ability to view the contact details ACC holds for you and edit your details if they change
    • request a change of diagnosis without needing to complete a full ACC32 Treatment Extension Request
    • search other ACC registered providers for onward referrals (if they are users of ProviderHub)
    • ‘pause’ a form and come back to it later.  Forms, excluding invoices, can be paused for up to 14 days.

    Practice Management System (PMS) users

    If you’re using a PMS for claims, invoicing, and medical certificate submission you’ll be largely unaffected. 

    If you’re using any of our digital offerings outside of your PMS, such as treatment extension (ACC32), sensitive claim engagement forms, or using eBusiness Gateway to see the status of a claim or invoice, you’ll need to use ProviderHub.

    How can I get ready?

    Over the next few months we’re contacting providers with more information about how to prepare for ProviderHub and how we can support you.

    To help make this process as smooth as possible, a member of our team will contact your business between October and November 2021 to clarify:

    • whether you have non-clinical staff, eg administrators or managers, who will need access to ProviderHub to submit and query invoices, and query claims
    • who should be authorised to update your business’s details in ProviderHub, including your bank account and contact details
    • the names, work phone numbers, and email addresses for these people so we can pre-register them in ProviderHub now and make it easier for them to start using the system next year.

    Your move to ProviderHub will begin when you receive an invitation in early 2022.   

    There are a few things you can do now to make sure you and your team are ready to start using ProviderHub early next year:

    • Ensure any clinical staff who want to register for ProviderHub have their own ACC Provider ID. To apply for an ACC Provider ID, please see our website
    • Check that everyone who will need access has a unique email address they can use to log into ProviderHub; we cannot register two people with the same email address. This email will not be visible to anyone in ProviderHub and will not be used by ACC to send client information, so you may choose to use a personal email address.
    • Make sure you have access to the latest version of one of the following supported browsers: Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.
    • Check your email security settings to ensure you receive emails inviting you to sign up. We recommend allowing emails from providerhelp@acc.co.nz.
    • Join one of our upcoming webinars. See below for more information.
    • Let the rest of your team know about ProviderHub and what they can do to prepare for this change.

    How to find out more

    We will provide training material, video demonstrations and live webinars to support with transition.

    You're also invited to join one of our ProviderHub introductory webinars. Please click on one of the events below to register. Each webinar will be 30 minutes, and will have time for a live Q&A.

    We will also be hosting targeted webinars for providers in some specialist professions. We'll be in touch about these directly with those groups. 

    A pre-recorded webinar is available below, for those who may not be able to attend these sessions.

    Last published: 10 November 2021