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Violence prevention

We lead and support prevention programmes to make sure young people and the people around them experience safe, healthy and respectful relationships.

Police respond to a family violence incident once every four minutes. Around 80% of incidents are not reported to police.

Sexual violence is a significant problem within New Zealand society. Typically, there is a lengthy time period between experiencing this type of violence and seeking help. Research suggests that in females it is up to 16 years, and in males it is up to 23 years on average.

Those who experience or witness any form of violence as children are more likely to be a victim again or abuse others as adults.

Focus on children

Children feature prominently in violence statistics and often have limited power to do anything. Although they're high risk, there is opportunity to prevent them from ever experiencing violence. By intervening early, positive attitudes and behaviours can be developed and are likely to be carried into adulthood.

Social change isn't going to happen overnight, but it can happen if we work together. Our young people are most at risk from violence and if we intervene now, it can help their family in the future.

Preventing violence needs to happen at a local level. Which is why we are proud to support community groups that are doing all the hard work.

Prevention programmes we support

The Mates & Dates programme

Mates & Dates is a programme for secondary school students. It teaches young people healthy relationship skills and behaviours to help prevent sexual and dating violence. Since the start of the programme in 2014, 84% of students said it has improved their understanding of consent. And 77% said the course helped them understand more about healthy relationships.

Video transcription for mates and dates

Contact us if you'd like to find out more about the programme:

Email matesanddates@acc.co.nz

Mates & Dates

Supporting Pasifika communities

Le Va supports Pasifika families and communities to realise their full potential. It focuses on mental health, addiction, public health, suicide prevention and general wellbeing.

Le Va

Changing behaviours

Gandhi Nivas provides men with a supportive environment to 'cool down' in. It helps support men involved in family violence to change their behaviour. It offers free counselling, emergency housing and referral to social services.

Gandhi Nivas - helping to prevent family harm in New Zealand

Protecting babies from birth

Power to Protect aims to prevent the incidence of shaken baby syndrome (SBS) in New Zealand. Education for parents and caregivers begins in birthing units, as well as in antenatal and post-natal care.

KidsHealth - never ever shake a baby

Support for people who've experienced sexual violence

We've created a fully-funded and immediate service for people who've experienced sexual violence. There's also help available for their family and whānau.

Find Support

Building awareness in the community

We're working in the community to increase knowledge, awareness and skills around sexual violence prevention.

Making a difference: Sexual violence primary prevention toolkit

Building awareness of family violence across ACC

We’re building awareness of family violence across ACC. We’re committed to ensuring any employee experiencing or affected by family violence has access to appropriate help and support. We support the 'It’s not OK' campaign by creating workplace champions to raise awareness and support or respond to staff.

It's not OK

Last published: 20 July 2020