Oranga Whakapapa

Oranga Whakapapa is about whānau striving to achieve mana-enhancing and tapu-enriched relationships. This process carries aspects of sharing taonga tuku iho (intergenerational transmission) and highlights whānau having mana motuhake to make their own decisions about the āhua (shape, make up) of their relationships - with themselves, each other and the taiao - and having the ability to decide how to improve these relationships with the people, resources and tools they want to engage with.

This means identifying and addressing the causes of violence to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Solutions for whānau wellbeing

Along with initiatives to eliminate sexual violence, we’re developing health services to provide whānau with greater choice when they are injured. Find out about how we’re partnering to develop these solutions across the motu.

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Te whaitake o ēnei mahi

Why we need oranga whakapapa focussed Te Tiriti-led prevention initiatives

We need to ensure whānau can protect their whakapapa through mana-enhancing and tapu-enriched relationships. We’re using a Te Tiriti-led primary prevention approach to create safe and inclusive communities that enable tamariki, rangatahi and whānau to flourish. Leveraging innovation from te ao Māori (Māori world view), and mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) requires Māori-led solutions, for and as Māori.

To do this we need whānau, hapū and communities initiatives, designed for tamariki, rangatahi and whānau to know about mana-enhancing and tapu-enriched relationships with themselves, each other and te taiao. We will develop a cohesive national approach to enable locally-led responses and support local mātauranga.

Te aronga tuatahi

The first initiatives

The first initiatives we're seeking to design will focus on oranga whakapapa, initiatives for whānau to know about mana-enhancing and tapu-enriched relationships to eliminate sexual violence. To support the design we will work with subject matter experts to develop the design criteria each initiative will need to include. This is to ensure the essence of oranga whakapapa is consistent throughout Aotearoa while designed locally.

A regionally based approach will enable locally-led responses to design and will be informed by mātauranga Māori. The design will focus on building the protective factors that keep whānau well, which may include strengthening cultural identity, sense of belonging, and social connectedness. We know that this focus will help address and prevent the enablers which contribute to harmful behaviours including the detrimental on-going effects of colonisation, inter-generational trauma, political disenfranchisement, institutional racism and patriarchy. 

Once designed, local kaupapa Māori providers will have the opportunity to deliver the solution to whānau. 

Last published: 1 November 2023