Kaupapa Māori solutions

We’re developing solutions to protect the wellbeing of whānau and provide them with greater choice in accessing health services when they are injured.

Grandparents and tamariki standing in front of marae

Our understanding of kaupapa Māori solutions: Indigenous, localised, whānau-centred solutions designed by Māori, with Māori, underpinned by tikanga and delivered by providers who identify as Māori, primarily for Māori, but available to all.

Mahi tahi

Partnering for wellbeing

We are partnering with Māori specialists to design new ACC kaupapa Māori solutions that enable whānau to live well and, if injured, to access services that are culturally safe and appropriate, as defined by Māori.

Tō mātou tūāpapa

Our foundation

We understand that to do better for Māori we need to do things differently. We will partner with Māori to give effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi / The Treaty of Waitangi and commit to achieving equitable wellbeing outcomes for Māori. 

We want to ensure whānau have options in the care and initiatives available to them. We recognise that localised approaches to service design and delivery are best placed to meet the specific needs of hapori (communities) and support them to participate fully in their hauora (health) and oranga (wellbeing). 

Tērā e whāia ana

What we're seeking

We're seeking to design:

  • kaupapa Māori prevention initiatives with a focus on the primary prevention of sexual violence through the promotion of mana-enhancing and tapu-enriched relationships 
  • kaupapa Māori hauora (health) and rehabilitation services to be delivered by Māori,  with a focus on supporting kiritaki (clients) with complex injuries and a high level of need (including, but not limited to, kiritaki who have experienced serious injuries and sexual violence).  

Once the design of these solutions are approved, we’ll seek kaupapa Māori providers to deliver the initiatives and services. Later, we’ll consider other wellbeing initiatives and services to support other injury types. 

Wahine touching tree

Māori injury prevention

Oranga whakapapa is a by Māori, for Māori, approach to prevent sexual violence and create safe communities that enable tamariki, rangatahi and whānau to flourish.

Kaupapa Māori health services

Health services are about supporting kiritaki and whānau when they are injured, including those with serious injuries and survivors of sexual violence.

Te takenga o ā mātou mahi

Our journey

We’ll be commissioning Māori specialists to design these initiatives and services in 12 rohe (regions) across Aotearoa. Each rohe will have its own needs, so each service will be designed independently of one another.

Our partners will be commissioned through an open procurement process. They will bring the mātauranga (knowledge) and strong community connections needed to guide the design and will work with iwi, ACC kiritaki and whānau to ensure the services and initiatives meet local needs.

Procurement will be run in four stages (known as tranches). This will allow us to test and ensure we have the right resourcing available to support the kaupapa in each rohe.

Engagement with iwi, with an emphasis on relationship building, will be a priority in each rohe, ahead of each tranche.

Rohe map

The map shows the order we’re engaging across the motu. These rohe are based on regional boundaries that are meaningful to Māori.

Rohe map

Tranche 1: Design phase. Kaupapa Māori health services only. Injury prevention initiatives may be determined at a later date.

Tranche 2: Design phase. 

Tranche 3: Initial engagement phase.


Aro tonu mai

Watch this space

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