Kaupapa Māori health services

Find out about our new Kaupapa Māori Health Services, how we’re developing them, and who we’re partnering with.

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    We define kaupapa Māori services as: Indigenous, localised, whānau-centred solutions designed by Māori, with Māori, underpinned by tikanga and delivered by providers who identify as Māori, primarily for Māori, but available to all.

    We’re working in new ways to ensure injured Māori have greater access to services, improved experiences of ACC care, and better health outcomes. We want to provide whānau with a choice of services that deliver culturally appropriate care and uphold our responsibilities to Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi).

    In partnership with Māori, we’re developing a new ACC pathway called kaupapa Māori health services. This pathway focuses on wellbeing to prevent harm and improve care to whānau when injured. These services will be regionally based to deliver to the needs of haukāinga (local people). The design and delivery of the services in each rohe (region) will be Māori-led by local kaupapa Māori suppliers and whānau. This will be a pathway that is available to all ethnicities.

    Te whaitake o ngā ratonga hauora kaupapa Māori

    Why we need kaupapa Māori health services

    We’re developing kaupapa Māori services to ensure Māori have choice in the services available to them. We want to meet specific needs and enable equitable health outcomes through culturally appropriate prevention initiatives and treatment pathways. We will work with iwi, whānau and Māori suppliers to do this so we can offer choice through kaupapa Māori solutions. With these services we hope to improve the ACC experience for whānau and hapori Māori (Māori communities). These partnerships are the key to us connecting with hapori to help us fulfil our Whāia Te Tika commitments and better serve whānau Māori.

    We need to adopt a new way of working to address issues raised by the Waitangi Tribunal. Central to the claim is our failure to deliver services in ways that result in fair outcomes between Māori and non-Māori. This includes the way we establish and contract for services and our relationships with Māori suppliers.

    Te aronga tuatahi

    The first services

    The services designed and delivered in our first tranche will be for injured kiritaki and whānau with a complex and high level of need. This includes services for kiritaki with serious injuries and sensitive claims.

    In our second tranche, we're broadening service design to include injury prevention, in addition to services to support complex injuries. We recognise that kaupapa Māori is holistic care which links prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to provide a continuum of care for whānau.

    We’ll consider and integrate services for other injury types after we’ve developed this first phase of services. Over time, we’ll create a solution with national reach that is available to all.

    He mea ārahi nā te Māori anō

    Māori-led design

    We want to partner with kaupapa Māori suppliers and whānau to develop ACC kaupapa Māori health services in each rohe of Aotearoa. Through an open procurement process, we’ll establish a panel of suppliers which will design these services and help us shape how they will be operationalised and commissioned.

    The panel will bring the local knowledge we need to guide the service design. It will work with iwi, ACC kiritaki and whānau to ensure these services meet the needs of haukāinga.

    It’s important to us that our partners have strong connections in their community. They must be recognised for their mātauranga, mana, capability, experience, and infrastructure to deliver kaupapa Māori services.

    He mea mahi ā-rohe

    A phased, regional approach

    We’ll be developing services in 12 rohe across the motu (country). Each rohe will have its own needs, so each service will be designed and delivered independently of one another by local kaupapa Māori organisations. These rohe will be based on regional boundaries that are meaningful to Māori. This ensures we see the environment through Māori eyes. Engagement with iwi, with an emphasis on relationship building, will be a priority in each rohe, ahead of each tranche.

    We’ll stagger our service development across four tranches to design and deliver services within each rohe. This will allow us to test and refine the approach and ensure we have the right resourcing available. We will apply the lessons learned from each tranche to service development in later tranches.

    Tranche 1

    In 2021, we called for Registrations of Interest in the Tainui waka rohe to design services for kiritaki and whānau with complex injuries. We appointed 12 local suppliers to our panel, who are now in the design phase to establish what the service will look like and how it will operate.

    Tranche 2

    In August 2022, tranche 2 procurement will take place (concurrently) in Te Tai Tokerau (Northland) and Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) rohe. We will be seeking local suppliers who can design and deliver services to support injury prevention or complex injuries or both.

    Future tranches

    The proposed order for our next tranches is outlined in our roadmap, which may be subject to change.

    Kaupapa Māori health services procurement regional roadmap

    The order is based on data, client and sector feedback, resourcing needs and existing iwi relationships.

    We expect the first phase of services to take around two years to be introduced across the motu. A plan for the second phase of service design, for other injury types, will be developed as the first phase of services roll out.

    Te tono mai

    How to apply

    The Registration of Interest for Tranche 1 in the Tainui waka rohe has closed. A second procurement will take place to invite applicants to design injury prevention services - the timeframe for this is yet to be determined. 

    Tranche 2 Registration of Interest will open in August 2022 for suppliers in Te Tai Tokerau and Tāmaki Makaurau. 

    The main source of information and communication for all future tranches is through the Government Electronic Tenders Service (GETS) website.

    GETS website

    We’ll update our GETS notice when dates are confirmed. If you subscribe to the notice you’ll be alerted about any updates:

    ACC Kaupapa Māori Health Services regional panel interim notice

    New to GETS?

    Interested suppliers need to register for an account on GETS to apply for future Registrations of Interest. Registration is free.

    How to register as a supplier on GETS


    All questions submitted through the kaupapa Māori health services procurement process have been answered online. These may be helpful for those considering applying in future tranches, and can be viewed here:

    Tranche 1 procurement Q&A videos

    If you have any general questions about the new services, you can email us.

    Email kmhs@acc.co.nz

    Aro tonu mai

    Watch this space

    We’ll share more information on future kaupapa Māori health services tranches as we progress this mahi, so check back here to stay informed.

    Last published: 26 May 2022