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From competitive athletes to weekend warriors, ACC SportSmart is there to help everyone get the most out of their game and stay injury free.

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    Helping you to perform well and maintain an active lifestyle

    Developed by an expert panel of academics, clinicians and sports administrators, ACC SportSmart is an injury prevention framework. It's based on nine key principles to help you perform well and maintain your active lifestyle.

    SportSmart principles

    1. Player profiling
    2. Physical conditioning
    3. Psychology
    4. Skill and technique
    5. Food and fluid
    6. Player wear
    7. Athlete environment
    8. Injuries
    9. Target populations

    Find out more about the framework and principles:

    Download or print the ACC SportSmart reference resource


    Sport programmes

    We partner with key sport organisations to deliver code specific programmes designed to enhance performance and minimise injury risk.

    SportSmart programmes provide player, coach and referee education and resources across all aspects of performance.

    This includes:

    • skill and technique
    • preparation and conditioning
    • injury management
    • player wear.

    Partners delivering ACC SportSmart

    Our partnerships deliver sport-specific versions of ACC SportSmart. Through these partnerships, we educate players, coaches, and referees about how to prepare well and perform at their best.

    We have partnerships with:

    Rugby Netball Rugby League Football Touch

    Improving performance on and off the field, including tackling technique, nutrition, hydration, and injuries, including concussion.


    Preparing players for the demand of the game. Focusing on warming up and what it takes to prepare well for sport.


    Covers warm up, conditioning, game day technique and injury management. Increasing performance to get the most out of the game.


    Providing you with what you need to best prepare, perform, and recover whilst managing injury and load effectively.

    New Zealand Football


    A sport performance and body and mind preservation framework. Advice on improving performance and reducing injury.

    TouchFit 360


    We also partner with Water Safety NZ on Water Skills for Life.

    Water Skills for Life

    We encourage everyone to apply the SportSmart principles to their individual pursuits, to ensure they get the most from their sport and stay injury-free.

    ACC SportSmart reference resource

    The ACC SportSmart reference resource gives background on ACC SportSmart and tells you how it works.

    Download or print the ACC SportSmart reference resource - the nine principles

    Order the ACC SportSmart reference resource - the nine principles

    Concussion in sport

    Concussion is a brain injury. It can happen in any sport. You don’t have to get knocked out or even be hit on the head to be concussed.

    Learn to recognise the signs of concussion and what to do

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    Last published: 17 May 2024