Reporting suspected fraud

If you suspect someone's misleading ACC, acting illegally, or if you see or hear something suspicious, tell us about it.

How to report suspected fraud

Contact us to tell us about any suspected fraud. 

Phone 0508 222 372 (0508 ACCFRAUD)

Calls to this number remain anonymous.

You can also let your recovery team know or complete our reporting fraud form:

Reporting fraud form

Protecting your privacy when you report suspected fraud

You can remain anonymous, but if you do provide your details we'll do everything we can to protect your privacy. It can be a difficult decision to share information about suspected fraud. We treat all allegations confidentially. By providing your details we’ll be able to get in touch if we need to clarify any facts or ask for more information.

What fraud looks like

Generally, fraud is about intentionally misleading us to gain an advantage. This could be financially or in other ways. It can involve staff or any of our customers, like an injured person, a business or a provider.

Examples of fraud

  • Clients misleading us about an accident or injury and their ability to work
  • Clients working while getting weekly compensation
  • A business customer misleading us about business information or supplying us with false details
  • Providers falsely invoicing us for services they didn’t provide
  • ACC staff abusing their position of trust.

What we do once you’ve reported fraud

We have a dedicated team that investigates allegations of fraud. They use a set of integrity principles.

Making an assessment

We review the information and gather supporting data. This helps us assess further action and next steps.


During an investigation, we examine the information provided. We may contact the person who's been alleged of committing the fraud.

Deciding on an outcome

We work with customers to reach a fair outcome. Unfortunately, due to privacy constraints, we can't tell you any details about what we do, or the outcome, without that person's consent.

Last published: 14 March 2024