Get tips for using MyACC for Business

Find out what to do if you have issues with MyACC for Business and get tips for managing your account. There’s also information for agents and advisors. We’ll also let you know if there are new updates from us.

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    Troubleshooting when using MyACC for Business

    When using MyACC for Business you may sometimes get the following error messages:

    • ‘Invalid phone number’ – as part of the registration process we must have a New Zealand mobile phone number for you. This is to confirm your identity. If you don’t have a New Zealand mobile phone number, call us to manually generate a registration code. Call 0800 222 776

    • ‘Something went wrong’ – this likely due to a browser error. Try clearing the browser cache or use a different internet browser, eg Google Chrome or Safari

    • ‘Your account is disabled’ – you may see this message if you’re trying to use our old system, ACC Online. You must register for MyACC for Business to access your account information.
      If you’re trying to use ACC Online for an Employee Claims Report, please email us your request. Email 

    Tips for managing account balances in MyACC for Business

    These tips should help you understand the account balances displayed in different tabs:

    • ‘Overview’ tab – shows the next instalment for your payment plan and includes the admin fee. If you don’t have a payment plan, it will show your total outstanding amount

    • ‘Payments’ tab – shows the total outstanding balances:
      • ‘outstanding amount’ – shows your total outstanding amount for your provisional invoice only
      • ‘payment schedule’ – lists all your payment instalments for your current payment plan. Each instalment includes your provisional invoice and your final invoice

    To get a full balance of what you owe, you can manually add all unpaid instalments, or call us for a total balance. You can also find the full balance on a copy of your invoice in the ‘Timeline’ tab. Remember, if you don’t have a Payment Plan, you can see your total invoice on the 'Overview tab'.

    Agents and advisors

    Agents and advisors – your client overview page is updated daily. If anything changes to your client’s account, eg a payment is made during the day, it will be visible overnight. For real-time, updated information, click into your client account to get an accurate balance.

    Tips for managing your account in MyACC for Business

    These tips should help you to use the different tabs: 

    • ‘Profile’ tab – update your contact information. If you’re trying to change your address online but it’s not working, contact us. You may need to also update this information with Inland Revenue

    • ‘Overview’ tab – request an update to your Business Industry Code (BIC), employment status or notify us if you have stopped trading

    • ‘Relationships’ tab – allows you to add or remove additional users to your account.
      • You must add a mobile number to the invitation to allow the additional users to accept the invitation
      • We recommend not to invite your accountant to act on your behalf by using the ‘Relationships’ tab. They can link to you through their MyACC for Business account, which provides them with additional functionality to manage your information

     If you're managing more than one business

    To register more than one business:

      • click the menu button on the top right-hand side
      • choose ‘Manage MyACC account’ to add a button called ‘Add MyACC Account’
      • click the 'Add MyACC Account' button to go through the registration process. Remember, your mobile number must be registered with us for each additional account
      • access the additional accounts by choosing ‘Switch account’ from the menu button.

    Invoices sent before March 2018 may show a different amount to what's displayed on MyACC for Business, but the balance on the invoice should be correct.

    This is due to how information was migrated to the new system. If you notice any discrepancy, contact us for further assistance. We apologise if this has caused any confusion.

    Agents and advisors – managing user access

    For agents and advisors, there are different role types available within MyACC for Business:

    • client manager
    • portfolio manager
    • administrator.

    These roles are important for organisations who have multiple users and client portfolios, as they’ll have different levels of access within MyACC for Business.

    More about types of roles in MyACC for Business

    Tips for administrators

    • Use the ‘Organisation’ tab to add, delete and manage user access to customer accounts

    • If you’re trying to add a new user as a tax agent or accountant, you must add a mobile number to the profile.
      If the user only has an international number you must use the country code, eg +61 for Australia or +86 for China.

    Agents and advisors – managing your clients

    • Adding clients as a tax agent:
      • click 'Add clients'
      • search for the client using their name, ACC or IRD number
      • when the client shows, confirm by clicking 'Add client' and 'Next' before you can assign them to a portfolio
        Remember – you must still have a written authority to act on behalf of each customer you link to.
    • Adding clients as an advisor:
      To add clients as an advisor you must send us the ACC1766 to confirm you have the authority to manage their levy information. We'll link you to their MyACC for Business account when it's approved
      ACC1766 Giving access to your levy information 

    A letter will be sent to the client to confirm that you have linked to their MyACC for Business account.

    • De-linking a client is done through the client list. When a client is de-linked, a letter will be sent to them to confirm this
      Make sure you remove your address and update the client's address before you de-link.
    • Assigning clients to a different portfolio will only work if you have access to the portfolio the client is currently in. Clients won’t appear as an option if you don’t have access to them

    • If a client or portfolio manager can’t see a client that’s already linked to your organisation, check the portfolios they have access to, as well as the client list for each of those portfolios. It’s likely that the client isn’t assigned to the correct portfolio, so speak to your administrator to resolve this

    Agents and advisors – managing accounts

    • Changing your organisation’s name means you must re-register for MyACC for Business providing us with the new name and accompanying Inland Revenue screenshot to verify 
      Complete the register as an agent or advisor 

      You must also email us to confirm that all your customers are aware of the name change and have signed new agreements under the new name. Email

    • If you’re managing multiple ACC accounts, it’s best to use the same login details. This is so that you can easily switch between the different accounts using the ‘Menu’ button in the top right hand of the screen.

    Updates from MyACC for Business

    Currently, we’re working on the following features:

    • viewing the account balance at a certain date
    • viewing administration fees and printing a copy of the timeline. 

    We'll let you know when we have more updates.

    Contact us

    If you have any questions or want to know more, contact our business team:

    Phone 0800 222 776  (Monday to Friday 7am – 7pm) 
    Phone (self-employed) 0508 426 837
    Phone (overseas) +64 4 816 7880

    If you’re experiencing technical issues with MyACC for Business, email us screenshots and a description of the issue:


    Last published: 19 February 2019