New business account for CPX

If you want to apply for CoverplusExtra (CPX) this is done through MyACC for Business. If you haven’t registered for MyACC for Business you’ll need an ACC number.

This form lets you request an ACC number and account. It is for self-employed and non-PAYE shareholder-employees wanting to apply for ACC CPX who are:

  • in their first year of trading, but haven’t yet had an ACC number issued for levy invoicing, or
  • trading through their company as a shareholder, but don’t have a personal ACC number.

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This form does not apply if:

You’re new to self-employment but are not applying for CPX. Your ACC number will be created automatically once you’ve filed your first income tax return with Inland Revenue. 

You have had ACC number issued but can’t remember it, or you are an employer. Contact us to confirm your number. 

0800 222 776

What do I do next?

Your ACC number and account will be created using the information held by Inland Revenue. Log in to myIR now and make sure your contact details are up to date. This will enable you to use your email or mobile phone number when registering with MyACC for Business.

MyIR log in

Complete the form to request an ACC number and account.

You’ll receive a confirmation that the ACC number and account has been created within three to five business days. Once this confirmation is received:

  1. If you're the account holder, you can register for a MyACC for Business account using your IRD number, view your new ACC number and apply for CPX.
  2. If you're an agent, you can link to your customer’s account in MyACC for Business using your client’s IRD number, view their new ACC Number and apply for CPX on behalf.
  3. For advisors, your customer will need to complete the ACC1766 to give you access to their levy information.  Once this is processed, you can view their new ACC number and apply for CPX on behalf of them in MyACC for Business.

Give access to levy information (ACC1766)

Login to MyACC for Business


Your privacy

The personal information collected in this form will be used for the sole purpose of identifying your records at Inland Revenue, and contacting you to advise that the ACC number and account has been created. The ACC number will be created using the customer and contact details held by Inland Revenue. These details can then be amended in MyACC for Business.

When we collect, use and store information, we comply with the Privacy Act 2020 and the Health Information Privacy Code 2020. For more information read our privacy notice.

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