Update on the Rehabilitation Improvement Group work

Released 03/10/2023

At the end of 2022, the Rehabilitation Improvement Group (RIG) was set up within ACC to better understand the ‘end to end’ experience of our clients and improve rehabilitation outcomes. 

Over six months the RIG team spent time with providers and employers across the country, and alongside our frontline teams, to understand what clients need and want from the rehabilitation system, how the system meets that need, what works well, and what doesn’t.  

This work has been invaluable in helping us deepen our understanding of the rehabilitation system, and we would like to thank the providers involved for taking the time to spend with the RIG team and for providing their insights. 

We’ve learnt that there are a lot of great things going on across the rehabilitation system, as well as lots of areas where we can do better for our clients and make it easier for providers and other partners to work with us.  

Our findings tell us: 

  • we can work together better with providers and employers to support our clients 
  • there are many opportunities to improve the overall ‘end to end’ experience our clients have through the system
  • at times our processes and ways of working make things harder rather than easier for our providers, clients, employers and our staff
  • we need to work right across ACC, and the rehabilitation system to make improvements
  • there are things we can improve in the short term, and things we’ll need to work on over time. 

We can see there are opportunities to improve the experience for you, as well as for our clients, employers and staff. To help us achieve this we have moved into a design phase, focused on what we want the rehabilitation system to look and feel like, the key steps to get there, and the first steps we need to take. We are working closely with a group of providers from across the sector on this to ensure your views are represented.   

Alongside the high-level design, we will start to work on some early improvements based on what you, our clients, employers, and staff have told us. This includes making it easier for our contact centre team to respond to requests more quickly and looking at ways to streamline our processes to get services in place faster for clients and providers, such as the referral process.  

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