Getting set up online

Send invoices, claims and medical certificates to us faster and more securely. You can do this online through your practice management system or using our eBusiness Gateway system.

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    Who can get set up online

    If you're registered with us as a health provider, you can send online:

    • claims
    • ACC18 medical certificates
    • ACC32 request for prior approval of treatment forms
    • invoices
    • messages.

    If you’re registered with us as a supplier, you can send online:

    • invoices
    • messages
    • reports.

    What you can do online


    Invoicing online is faster than posting. Payment for an invoice will typically take five to six days to show in your account. Emailed invoices are not considered online.

    Tracking and managing your invoices

    Once we receive your invoices, you'll be able to: 

    • search for invoices you've submitted
    • track the progress of your invoices
    • check whether an invoice needs further information before we can pay
    • check the status of invoices
    • access remittance letters the same day you receive payment into your bank account.

    Making a claim

    Benefits of making a claim online:

    • lodge claims faster so your patients will get treatment and support faster
    • we receive your patient's medical information securely
    • there’s a history of your patients' medical information that helps us make faster and more accurate decisions for treatment or support
    • your patient will get weekly compensation payments faster
    • you can check the progress of a claim once it's lodged. This includes:
      • if we cover the injury and accept the claim
      • if the diagnosis is correct
      • your patient's claim history over the last twelve months.

    Sending medical certificates

    If your client needs more help from us, or you need to provide more information about their claim, you can send us an online ACC18 Medical certificate.

    Requesting more treatments

    If your client needs more treatment for an injury, you can submit an online ACC32 Request for prior approval of treatment form

    Sending us secure messages

    You can send patient notes and medical reports to us securely using your practice management system (PMS).

    Sending patient notes

    Getting set up using a practice management system

    If you use a practice management system (PMS), contact your PMS help desk to check it's compatible with ACC. They’ll help you through the process to get set up.

    Every PMS has different functions and is set up depending on what those functions are.

    Sending medical certificates using your PMS

    To send ACC18 Medical certificates through your PMS, you'll need to register your practice with Best Practice Advocacy (BPAC). Contact them directly to register an account.

    Phone 0800 633 236

    Sending messages using your PMS

    You’ll need to contact your PMS help desk to see if your PMS is HealthLink messaging compliant. They’ll then set this up for you.

    Sending requests for prior approval using your PMS

    Some practice management systems allow you to send an ACC32 Request for prior approval of treatment. Contact your PMS help desk to see if this is an option.

    If you don't use a practice management system

    If you don't use a PMS, you'll need to contact our Digital Operations team. They can set you up to use the most suitable online method.

    Before you talk to them, you need to:

    Be registered with us to provide your services

    If you haven’t already, make sure you’re registered with us as a:

    Check your computer meets the minimum specs

    Your computer and browser needs to meet these specs. If it doesn’t or you’re not sure how to find what specs your computer has, contact us.

    Operating systems:

    • Windows 7 or higher
    • Apple OS X 10.7 or higher.


    • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11.X or higher
    • Firefox version 30.X or higher
    • Chrome version 40.X or higher
    • Safari version 7.X or higher (except when submitting medical certificates).

    Screen resolution:

    • 1024 x 768 or higher.

    Apply for a HealthSecure digital certificate

    A digital certificate (DC) gives you access to our secure eBusiness Gateway system. Digital certificates are valid for one year and unless renewed will expire. Either ACC or the Ministry of Health subsidise digital certificates, including annual renewals.

    If you’re currently using an active digital certificate to access the Ministry of Health’s Network, we can use this to setup secure access also to ACC.  If this is the case, you don’t need to complete these forms, instead contact the Registration Authority.

    There are two different application forms. You need to register your practice as an organisation and each person in your organisation using the system also needs to register.

    Online forms:

    Organisation registration form 
    Individual user registration form

    Or you use our downloadable forms and return them to us once completed:

    Organisation registration form
    Individual user registration form

    Once completed, email the application form(s) it to the Registration Authority for processing. They’ll arrange for your DC to be sent to you, and the Digital Operations team may call you to help you install this if you need.

    Checking status of claims and invoices

    Through eBusiness Gateway, you’re able to check claim details, invoice details, and payment remittance advice. The how-to guides are designed for download or print.

    How-to guides:
    Finding claim details on eBusiness Gateway
    Find invoice details on eBusiness Gateway
    Guide for payment remittance advice access on eBusiness Gateway

    Contact us

    If you need more help with getting set up online, or help using our system, contact our Digital Operations team.

    Phone 0800 222 994 – Option 1

    Last published: 14 September 2020