Register as an agent or advisor

As an agent or advisor, you can register to manage your clients’ levy payer accounts. We’ll then set you up with MyACC for Business. Once we’ve got your account ready to go, your nominated admin can manage and give other people access in your organisation.

If you need help, contact us:

Phone 0800 222 991

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Confirming you’re a tax agent

Attach an up to date screenshot of your myIR tax agent profile to show you’re a tax agent with Inland Revenue. You'll need to save it as .doc or .pdf file to upload it.

  1. Log on to myIR
  2. Click on 'business'
  3. Click on the 'tax preparer' tab
  4. Select 'manage agency'
  5. Take a screenshot of this page
  6. Upload the screenshot with your registration

If you can't see this screen on myIR you'll need to get the account owner or admin to complete this registration.

inland revenue screenshot

Authority to act on behalf of your clients

Attach an ACC1766 form as evidence of your authority to act. You’ll need one for each levy payer account you’d like access to.

ACC1766 Giving access to your levy information

You must attach at least one document to complete this form.

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You need to fill in contact details first

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